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Updated 09.07.2020

Origin is a software developed by Electronic Arts that allows you to manage the video games purchased from that company through a user account
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Origin is a software developed by Electronic Arts that allows you to manage the video games purchased from the company through a user account, allowing you to play on any computer without the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM. The system works with most of the current games, but it is not enabled for some older games. It also offers that the games are always updated and includes extras for games, among other things. It is a system similar to Steam.

Previously Origin was known as "EA Download Manager", "EA Downloader" and "EA Link".Some of the games available in Origin are: Battlefield 1, The Sims 4 or Mass Effect 2.


The Origin store allows you to search and purchase titles from Electronic Arts and some indie video games, such as Oxenfree or SteamWorld Dig. Instead of receiving a DVD, a CD-Key, the acquired title is automatically associated with the Origin client. Origin guarantees that the download will be available, at least, up to one year after the purchase.


The Origin client is a self-updating software that allows users to download games, expansions, patches, etc. from Electronic Arts. This client is very similar to his opponent Steam. The predecessor to Origin has caused problems with games like Battlefield 2 and Spore Creature Creator giving rise to crasheos of the game.

Origin mobile

Electronic Arts plans to launch Origin for mobile devices (for example iOS devices) and for achievements to be synchronized on both platforms.


EA Downloader was released in 2005. This was replaced by EA Link in 2006, adding trailers, demos and special content. In 2007 it was replaced, again, by a mixture of EA Store and EA Downloader Manager, users bought through EA Store and then downloaded the content with EA Downloader Manager. The store and the customer reopened with the name of Origin on June 3, 2011.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Electronic Arts
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- Some games can be purchased out of the origin
- Some DLCs are not included in the games

- They only have developer games

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