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Updated 09.07.2020

Pou is a popular video game for Android and iOS systems, developed and published in 2012 by Lebanese programmer Paul Salameh. In 2014 it was the second most downloaded iPad/iPhone video game in the world. You need to take care of an animal called 'Pou' by making it grow and play us together
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Developer : Zakeh
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It was released first for Android on February 14, 2013, and then for iOS, paid. The game is also available for BlackBerry.

The "Pou" is a bug that can feed, bathe, take care, dress, play, visit the friends, in addition to having several addicted toys within the application that allow you to get money to do various things like: customize the "Pou" , "change the color of wallpapers, buy clothes, food, etc.

You can also put a name on your "Pou" and find other friends who also have the application


Cooking: Pou must feed on all food or drinks that the player must buy at the food store. Therefore, fruits, vegetables, drinks, fried foods, etc. are offered.

Bathroom: in this room, Pou has to bathe, because several times there are traces of dirt in this produced during his illness. Now you have a shower not only to savor, but also to rinse it.

Game room: this is where Pou plays with a ball. The user can caress him or make him laugh, but he can also select several games in which he can participate.

Laboratory: It has formulas or substances to improve energy, health and, in other cases, food and everything it includes so that it can be in good condition.

Fourth: Pou also needs to rest in his room, where he can buy clothes in the store, and even has a lamp to turn off the light. If you do not want to sleep, buy a substance or formula from the laboratory to improve your condition and energy.

Living room: in this room is where Pou finds another place to talk or entertain. It has the characteristic of recording the voice of the user and repeating everything the user says (like his competitor My Talking Tom); just activate the microphone Pou repeats everything in a very funny and clear. Here also has a door that takes the user to the patio.

Patio: Pou also plays in the patio of his house, where he has at first a bath and some flowers that must be watered daily. The background of the patio resembles the sky, which changes color according to the time of the device. It also has a small pool, a car, a court where you can play the penalties ... When you see your house outside, you can customize it and your pet.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Zakeh
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About ..

-Game made for people from all ages;
-We can play with friends;
-Simple UI with colorful graphics, lots of in-game commands and controls
-Easy to play, fun and enjoyable
-The game’s graphics quality is just average
-The “talk to Pou” feature occasionally fails to function
-Needs a rich storyline that will make it more engaging and mysterious at the same time
-The bedroom and the hall area needs more furniture and other cool items

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