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Updated 11.07.2020

Brawl Stars is a free to play mobile game. It was published in 2018 br Supercell. The game is all about strategies and beating the other teams. It has different modes and players from which you can choose. This way you will never be bored. The arenas have different specifics - in one you are playing with a team and in the other you all by yourself. The heroes have different qualities as well
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Developer : PEGI 7
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Brawl Stars is published by Supercell in 2018 and is a free-to-play game. It is available on Android and IOS devices. The game is a strategic brawler arena. It has a PvP (Player vs Player) mode. You can choose from different heroes which are called Brawlers and shoot, run, hide or try to outsmart other players.

The arena is a simple multi player base. The gameplay and strategies make this game entertaining in every level. Players team up to collect gems and if you get killed you lose them. This calls for making strategies - should you protect your gems or run back in the game.

The variety of different modes allows you to pick one and enjoy the game. Each mode will enlist different strategies and character choices. The first mode is called Bounty mode in which 2 teams battle each other to collect as much as stars as possible. In the Heist mode the tams protect their safes while trying to steal their opponent's. The Gem Grab mode is all about collecting 10 gems before your opponents. And the last one is Showdown mode where 10 players are put in a shrinking arena and everyone is trying to be the last one.

 Each brawler has its own characteristics - health, damage caused while attacking, super turret damage and even a unique character. The all have unique play stiles - long range, short range, bomb throwers and many more. The brawlers can shoot one or all of the opponents at a time. When they attack they also gather points for the feature 'Super' which is very powerful when its unleashed. When your brawler has reached its maximum level you can get from the game shop its unlockable power called  'Star Power' or you can also get it from a Brawl Box.

The controls are pretty simple. You just have to move, aim and shoot. All these options from choosing a hero and mixing it with the different controls can make you a Pro in attacking.

If you win you will be granted coins, levels for brawlers and trophies. The trophies are used to unlock rewards and reach new Leagues. 

The game includes colorful graphics, vibrant colors and amazing special effects. It leads you in an interesting cartoon world. There is a huge variety - from the mines with purple gems to the desert with green gas.

Brawl Stars has its own gem system. They can be used to purchase new costumes and boxes. The boxes can surprise you with different things like coins or who knows. Maybe even a new Brawler.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : PEGI 7
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About ..

- Many new players

- The arenas are great

- The graphics and effects are amazing
- The matchmaking is not that good

- Many people are using tanks in bounty

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