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Updated 11.07.2020

ES File Explorer is one of the best file explorers we can find. This is a powerful and free application that works on Android. A convenient interface to manage our files in the cloud unites the possibility of integrating all our social accounts from DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and many other services. It is a free application and works on Android
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Many Android devices come without a decent file manager (or not). Whether it is your case or not, you should take a look at ES File Explorer, possibly the most complete file manager on the market. It's free.

In addition to the expected features of this type of application, ES File Explorer comes from the supervitamined series of software and mineralization, with tools that will help reduce the number of applications installed on your Android: file compressor and decompressor, application manager installed, Document and image viewer, text editor ... it even includes an FTP client.

The list of tools included in ES File Explorer is very long. As a file explorer, we can perform operations on multiple files, copy, paste, move, create new files, delete, rename and send them through different channels. We can also work with ZIP and RAR files, and be compatible with ZIP compression, even in AES 256-bit encrypted format.

To this is added an application manager, from which we can install, uninstall, create backups and shortcuts and classify them by categories.

It even includes a music and video player. They are quite basic and there are more complete applications, but if we have limited space in the terminal, they can make the correction. You couldn't miss a tool to search for files by name and use wildcards.

But with ES File Explorer you can not only manage files from our Android: we can also access shared files on our local network (if we are connected by WiFi) or access servers through FTP, SFTP and Webdav, as if they were a unit. that was connected to the terminal.

This remote access includes native support for Dropbox, and SugarSync. We can go through our cloud storage space as if we were working locally. From the application, we can create accounts in those services.

Also, with ES File Explorer, we can manage file transfers via Bluetooth, copy and paste files between devices. It supports FTP OBEX to browse folders on the other device and transfer files between them.

Here we can learn some useful tips on how to compress and share files through the Kodi application.

Make sure to use it on all the devices you may have that have good Android. When you open ES File Explorer. The first thing you can do each time in ES File Explorer is to scroll left (of your screen) and scroll down and make sure you have the Show hidden files checkbox, make sure it's ok.

Do you want to know how to copy the plug-in from one configured Kodi to another? Let's say you have 3 Kodi forks installed. Now scroll down to your internal storage and look for the icon that says Android and select it, then select the data and there will be your Kodi folder. Then select the files and just copy some of the folders you want. Make a copy and paste it in the folder you want. Just hold it down (a check mark will be displayed) and then press copy and paste it where you want. Therefore, you will need to enable that plugin, for example go to your Settings, your Plugins, my Plugins and when you find that plugin and hit ENABLE.
Now let's say you put something in your download folder and want to compress this file, here are the steps to do it. Press and hold on the folder for which you want to zip. Press to scroll to More, just press Compress and it will give you a name. You can choose to change the Compression Level to Store, Fast, Standard and Best and then press OK. You will now have a good zip file.

If you want to unzip the folder, let's go back to that zip folder and long press. Scroll down for more this time, choose Extract. You can choose the package, you can choose the ps¡ath if you want, if you want to go let's say in your download folder, so just press OK.

Now you can send your zip file from your PC to your mobile phone, for example. First open your ES File Explorer, press More, then press Share and use the Share via LAN option * (make sure you are on the same network and open ES File Explorer on your phone) and press OK.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : ES Global
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About ..

- Allows you to rename files.

- It has a powerful clipboard that allows users to paste files and folders multiple times.

- Provides users with an option to search files on their devices by keyword or category.

- Allow users to change the display and sort order of files and folders.
- For Android devices

- Strange interface

- Can be run in the background

- The latest updates are worse

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