How to play fortnite for beginners
Improve how to play fortnite if you are a beginners with this easy tutorial

The success caused by Fortnite is unstoppable, so much so that it has been able in just one year to break all the existing records, revolutionizing the world of video games.

Many games are currently opting for the Battle Royale model, which seems to have given the most success to the Epic Games game.

More and more famous people like actors or soccer players publicly admit to playing Fortnite, increasing their fame even more. An unstoppable epidemic and from which nobody is saved.
Currently, the game has many new features, it is a mix of a shooting game in the third person with many novelties that have worked very well and have contributed to its success.
Surely you have started playing, maybe you have so much enthusiasm and desire to win, but you never get to position yourself among the best 30. Do all your friends play better than you?

As soon as you start a game, are you already dead? Well, you are probably making some mistakes, it is normal at the beginning, in this guide I will give you some tips that will help you improve in this game.

If, like me, you have always played a lot of shooting games on the console or on a computer, first or third person, forget everything.
Nothing is as before, if you want to improve in Fortnite you have to enter the mentality of Fortnite.
It may seem easy, you start playing, take a gun, shoot and kill. Unfortunately it is not as easy as it seems.
The mechanics of the game is different, the novelty par excellence introduced by Fortnite is the possibility of building, what distinguishes a good player from a mediocre one is knowing how to build and later you will have to work on the aim that, in my opinion, is less important to know how to build well.
As I said, the main innovation introduced by Fortnite is construction, short-distance or long-distance duels are won in height, who is in the highest place and as covered as possible will be more likely to win a fight.

It is essential to know how to create strengths in a simple and fast way, this is the truth, but for this you have to train a lot, it is advisable to go first to configurations and then to commands and set the constructor mode, now learn the commands well build and be able to train
First, however, you must know the materials and the order of construction speed which is: WOOD, BRICK, METAL, the order of resistance is the opposite.
Once you have landed on the map, you will immediately have to find a weapon and begin to accumulate materials to build and protect yourself, the best sources of wood, brick and metal are respectively trees, stones and machines.

The moment you come face to face with an enemy, the first thing you should do is not shoot, but build a small fort that consists of a staircase, a central wall, two or three side walls and the back to cover you.
The higher your strength, the more visibility you have and therefore the greater the chances of annihilating your enemy.
Once you have landed, you should look for the treasure chests, where you will find the best weapons, weapons will be of different colors, represent their power, the order is: WHITE, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE and YELLOW.

My advice is to set up your weapons inventory with a logic, in the middle maybe put an assault rifle, right after a shotgun, so you can change weapons quickly if necessary.

In fact, in close encounters, it does not matter if you know how to build well, you will always need a shotgun to defend yourself and be able to attack so you never have to miss your inventory, so run to find one.

 As for the assault rifles, however, they are divided into automatic burst or three shots, The best are the scar-h with respect to the automatic explosion and the Famas for those with three shots. As often happens in all games, if you aim at the head, your shots will inflict more damage, so work hard to do so.

Playing for years in Call Of Duty, I learned the importance of good headphones to give a quality jump in a shooting game.
The same applies to Fortnite, buying quality headphones will make things much easier for you. This is because in this game (as in many others) you can feel the footsteps of the enemies that are running close to you, unfortunately, with the audio of a TV you will never be able to understand where they come from, but if you are planning on good headphones Things will change.

An important tip, when you are in buildings or close to enemies, do not run better, crouch down and walk slowly to reduce noise to a minimum.

Yes, fortnite is a game that should be played with friends or with well-known people online. If you like to play as a couple or as a team, it is best to find friends who share your passion and play together, if you do not know anyone to play with, you can simply find groups of fifteen on Facebook, you will find many people ready to play games with you .
The key to success for a real battle is to play in a group, you will never go anywhere if you play only with your head, so stay close to your teammates, warn everyone if you see any enemy on the map and, of course , prepare some tactics before playing. You know, it's more fun to play in company than alone!
Now you just have to follow these tips, train hard and trust, day by day you will see your great progression!




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