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Updated 11.07.2020

PicsArt is a very powerful tool for editing photos and videos. It can give you access to many built-in functions like collage creators, image library, filters and more. The application can be installed on mobile devices and can be downloaded for both Android and IOS devices
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The photos are not simply what we see on social networks, they are much more or better, the process behind them is much more complicated. First of all, we must say that a photo is a still image obtained through a recording, selection and finally projection process in an optical system on a photosensitive surface.

The first photograph was discarded by Niépce in 1816, but obtained an image that was not completely fixed. The extreme versatility of this technology has allowed photography in various fields of human activities, such as scientific research, to establish it in some cases as an authentic art form.

Since Instagram became the most popular social network of all, many people have approached photography.
The key to taking beautiful pictures is not just using the right tools and cameras. Sometimes, in fact, the beauty of a photo also lies in its ability to perform excellent photo retouching.

Among the most used sites is Photoshop Express Editor. But how do you use Photoshop Express Editor?

First, connect to the website and click on the blue link Start publisher editor below to start using it. In the box that opens, click the LOAD PHOTO button and select the photo you want to change from your computer now. You are free to make the necessary changes!

Obviously, you don't need to have a computer to edit some photos; in fact, there are plenty of free apps that let you do it, like PicsArt (Android / iOS)

PicsArt is a photo editing app highly appreciated by iPhone and Android owners.

First to download PicsArt you must go to your preferred store and from there enter your username and password and install the application. This application is like editing selfies and others but it also has an option that is very good for many as bad for others, which is to share the photos with all of the instagram-style application. Facebook.

It is like a kind of social network to share your photos because if we go to the top where these two icons of a subject are there with a + and the conversation symbol then we will find the profiles of the people who post photos, to start with to follow their photos, it is something in the instagram style, we can see how the activity that we are doing or the activity of the people that we follow.

The great advantage of this application is that it is excellent for beginners and professionals. It has a wide range of presets that can be adjusted to your liking; It also features a wide variety of basic tools: sharpness, vignetting, exposure, which are very useful for improving the look of your photo even after applying one of the presets. The VCO Cam has become very famous also thanks to its simplicity of use and the mentioned characteristics determined its diffusion even among a wider audience than the professional.

The number of filters offered by PicsArt does not match any other application, all done with good taste. The variety is huge: black and white, warm, vintage-looking, saturated ... just about everything you want to find here. Many are available with the basic subscription and many others are available in the store.

You can also find typical image correction parameters: exposure, contrast or saturation, as well as more advanced ones, such as perspective, horizontal and vertical correction.

In addition to the changes, PicsArt includes a very competent camera, perhaps not as complete when it comes to offering manual options as other applications, but still delivers remarkable results.

PicsArt does not directly apply image changes destructively, but instead creates temporary files in which it retains all information related to image editing, unlike Camera Raw, Lightroom, or other photo development software. In addition to allowing subsequent adjustments to individual parameters and reverting to the original image, this feature allows some instruments, such as bullets, to adapt their results to changes made after the photo.

Enhance your creativity and try new paths in the world of photography! Download Picsart and make your photos a work of art!

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Price: Free
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-Can be used by beginners and professionals.

-It has a wide range of filters.

-You can make collages.

-Video edition.
-There are limitations on older devices.

-Not so cross-platform.

-Can automatically charge you.

-It is not protected against shocks.

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