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Updated 11.07.2020

Gshow is an application to see all the content available Globo novels, reality shows, Big Brother Brazil, series and tv shows
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Grupo Globo is the owner of a group of Brazilian companies in the field of communication, although they are also dedicated to the real estate market. It is the largest business group in Latin America and one of the largest in the world.

The first thing that this group of companies created was the newspaper A Noite, but later on, thanks to the success they had with their first newspaper, they created the second one called O Globo to be able to compete with certain newspapers in Brazil.

It was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1925 by Irineu Marinho who died shortly after creating the group, leaving his son Roberto Marinho as director of the company; The new director had new ideas and decided to expand his father's business in order to open the new Radio Globo also in Rio de Janeiro.

The most important thing that has happened to the company was the creation of Rede Globo in 1964, since with the latter achievement it positioned itself as the leading media group in Latin America.

Gshow was launched in 2014 and offers an extensive list of entertainment such as novels, programs, series, fashion, beauty, backstage, podcast, celebrities, recipes, web series, hospitality, regional programs, novel collection, talent search, etc.


It has an application that you can download for free from your mobile from the Google Play Store or if you have an iPhone from the Ios Store, although it is also possible to download it from the website. It is a way to have all the Gshow content at your fingertips.

You can find the news of the novels, all the latest news from reality shows, as soon as you enter the website you can see publications of the novels as well as interviews with celebrities, on the left side you find a list of images that make comments one day A day of what happens in the most famous novels in the country and on the right side of the web you can find another list but this time you will see part of videos of all the programming that have, the most seen, the most famous.

You also find different types of salty and sweet food recipes on the right side of the Gshow website; The summaries of the week commented on what has happened in each of the tv programs.

If you like to watch the most famous programs on Brazilian television and would like to vote on their shows as a first step, you must find the application store on your mobile, remember that for Iphone it is Apple Store and for other devices it is Google Play Store.

Inside your app store look for the Gshow application for this you must click on the magnifying glass and type gshow; When you find the Gshow application click on Get and then when the app is finished downloading click on open.

Once inside the Gshow application, click on Menu where you must choose to register for free, you will fill in all the data and you will register in order to be able to vote and be a member of gshow. Once registered, your account is opened with your name and in the menu you can see the programs option which gives you the list of the balloon programs, choose the one you like and gives you the option to vote and register the vote.

By downloading Gshow for free you can watch the latest tv shows like The Voice Brasil

You must have heard people talk or suddenly you talked about why many singers, if not all the singers who won the voice editions, why this guy doesn't build a career because you never see anyone talking about it again, It is important that you ask yourself this question, yes, but this is not appropriate for the opportunity of the voice, but an opportunity.

The voice Brazil does not have the function of discovering talents, despite having this premise implicit in everything that is done in all the creation of the script, the creation of the videos, in addition to presenting the singers to talk about dreams, the function and save and bring the audience to the front of television, gain audience.

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Price: Free
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- You will find all the latest news from the novels.

- It is very easy to use the application.

- It's free.

- Set trends.
- Take a lot of time out of your life.

- Without a premium account you can not watch the entire chapters of the tv programs.

- Many novels are missing.

- Sometimes chapters are branded and you must refresh to be able to see it well again.

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