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Updated 11.07.2020

Minecraft is a videogame which consists of mining resources to build things. It is available on several platforms, from pc to mobile. It is a kind of digital Lego where environments are randomly generated by the game. For kids, it's a fun time to break the blocks, hoard resources, and build a home or really anything they want
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Minecraft is a standalone Sandbox game from a totally open world. The player enters this enormous dimension in which he must explore and build and whose main objective is simple, to survive.

What distinguishes this game and has caught the attention of the industry is that the graphics used are quite simple and that despite its simplicity it has become a true mass phenomenon.

Millions of players around the world enjoy creating worlds and spend hours entertaining themselves with this game.

Playing Minecraft is using it as a creative tool. There is no way to beat in Minecraft, as there are no required objectives and dramatic plot that needs to be followed.

Players spend most of their time simply mining and building blocks of virtual material, hence the name of the game. Once the players have collected and built a sufficient inventory of resources and some minerals, they use these virtual acquisitions to design houses and landscapes, often building all kinds of block structures.

The Minecraft Business History

Markus Persson the creator of minecraft was born in Stockholm in a small town surrounded by lush forests called Edsbyn. During his childhood he had been totally obsessed with the construction games of the Lego brand, what he really loved about this game, was the infinity of options that he had to create constructions and as it motivated, sparked his creativity and ingenuity.

When he was 7 years old his father acquired a commodore 128 computer, it was then that Markus had his first contact with the digital world and as a self-taught child he began to learn to program.

At the incredible age of 8 Markus had already created his first text based adventure game. Despite his great intelligence, he had never finished high school, yet he had always been an incredibly cunning boy and learned to program video games on his own.

Thanks to his passion and talent, he acquired amazing programming knowledge without practically anyone having taught him what led him to work for a developer called King.com at 25 years old, this company is known for being the developer of the game candy crush saga .

After 5 years at the company Markus was tired and somewhat frustrated at having to continue working on the ideas of others. So he quit his job at King and started working on jAlbum.net, an online photo posting program that, while not passionate about him, left him free time to pursue his own designs. It was in these years that the idea of ​​creating a video game of his own began to haunt his mind.

Markus, inspired by his childhood experience with lego games, wanted to develop a game in which users could build freely without limits, encouraging their creativity and with complete freedom to unleash their imaginations.

On the other hand, his nostalgia for the retro aesthetics of the old video games made him give a rather basic aspect to his creation, using large pixels to build a block system, a rather risky proposal for the moment since the developers were fighting not to become obsolete. Because it was believed that the more realistic the graphics were, the more successful that video game would be, however, Markus decided to give it that touch of simplicity, giving much more importance to the possibilities and playability of the user, than the simple fact of creating a game. hyper realistic.

After a short time, specifically in 2009, Markus posted an alpha version of the game on an independent video game portal, which curiously was not even finished, however, he took the opportunity to resort to a commercial tactic called early access, offering to pay for a game not finished, in exchange for having some exclusivity when playing it, this strategy was brilliant since it allowed him to get closer to his future clients and learn from them.

This first proposal had an incredible response by the Indie video game community, it was at that moment that the character of Notch emerged, Markus wanted to get fully involved in the Minecraft community so he started posting under the nick of Notch through twitter, In addition to answering all the doubts and uncertainties that arose in the Minecraft forums, he learned to listen to his audience fixing the bugs and including the news and improvements that the community asked for.

In a very short time Minecraft became a real phenomenon and today it is one of the most downloaded and played games as well as the most fun!

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Price: Free
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Developer : Mojang
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- Creative Potential is unlimited

- Support Mod (at least in the Java version)

- A very rich multiplayer experience with thousands of different server types

- An active development team that listens to the community
- No Mod support outside the Java edition

- Overdrive in multiplayer

- Most servers are poorly managed or operated by corrupt administrators

- Hacked clients and cheating tools

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