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Updated 11.07.2020

Olx is used to sell or find new and used products, cars, real estate and services
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OLX is a global e-commerce company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It operates in 118 countries, publishing advertisements on the internet. It was founded in March 2006 by entrepreneurs Fabrice Grinda and Alejandro Oxenford.

In Brazil, since 2010, it joined its competitor OLX Bom Negócios, according to Schibsted, in early 2015. The agreement also includes operations in Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia. OLX Brazil is currently controlled by the South African group Naspers (50%) and the Norwegian media group Schibsted (50%).

On the Portugal OLX page it was initially managed by FixeAds, which in early 2018. the constant company OLX Portugal and belonging to the Naspers group, and which since 2007 has had other website purchases, sales and services, such as Standvirtual, Imovirtual, Things and Virtual Fatura.

OLX employs 4,000 employees

Connect people so they can buy and sell simply, easily and quickly. Because they believe that to improve the lives of buyers and sellers, offering a platform full of opportunities in a variety of categories, such as children's items, electronics, sports goods, cars, etc.

OLX Direct is a partnership between Traycheckout and olx.com.br. The new service allows buyers and sellers to make and receive payments through our website. All transactions made within OLX Direct are free and secure.

For those who sell, you should: Send rates in a simple way, No transaction fees, Receive money with a single click.

Paris buying must: Package up to 12x, Guarantee, Security

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Naspers
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About ..

- It is one of the sales platforms with a greater position and reputation that allows users to buy more easily.

- It has its own payment processor, Mercado Pago, which offers its customers various payment options and installment financing (although the seller charges the full amount of the transaction). At the same time, the customer does not have to provide credit card information before making each purchase, making it a safer way to make payments and receive money.

- It has a platform that facilitates shipping logistics, Market Shipping, a factor that must be resolved before entering the world of online sales.

- It has a lot of traffic among people searching for products, generally expect to find a lower price, which means that the products will have high visibility for people searching for them.

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