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Updated 11.07.2020

Palco MP3 is a decent application that gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite independent singers from all over Brazil and also allows you to download their songs on your device. In this application, you will find songs of various genres and you can stream them to your Android device as long as you have a working Internet connection. In addition to streaming songs, you can even download the songs on your phone and listen to them whenever you want
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Palco MP3 is a platform for Brazilian music artists developed by Studio Sol, a Brazilian company also responsible for the Cifra Club and platforms.

With the aim of being a space for Brazilian artists and bands to showcase their work in the field of music, Palco MP3 increases musical productions. The platform offers artists the possibility of creating an artistic page to add music, photos, videos and concert schedules, providing a unique digital environment to which an audience reaches millions of Brazilians.

All the functions available in Palco MP3 (desktop and application) are free, from registration to access to the pages, albums and songs of the users, who download songs when the artist authorizes this type of action. The platform has more than 170 playlists organized by music styles available to listen to, more than 114,000 registered artists and more than 1 million free songs to listen to.

Created on October 17, 2003, Palco MP3 was created with the aim of facilitating the dissemination of music by thousands of Brazilian artists who were beginning their careers and did not have adequate space for it.

To do this, Studio Sol created a site that provided free space for artists to promote music in mp3 format. As the site grew, the actions expanded so that artists and bands could enjoy and promote their own artistic career. Thus, the Stage MP3 has become the digital platform that has a musical record of artists from all states of the country.
Big names in the Brazilian music market, in different styles, had the beginning of their careers outlined in the MP3 Stage, such as Marília Mendonça, Simone and Simaria, Michel Teló, MC Kevinho, Naiara Azevedo, Aldair Playboy, Gustavo Mioto, Hungary Hip Hop, among others.

For those of you who struglle with instalation of this particular program , we can say to you - Don't worry we are here to help you and we will give you the most detailed (step by step) instruction-tip on How to download and use Share it on PC.
So let's start from somewhere just
open your third-party (we use Google Chrome)browser and search for Share it (in Google for example ) you can tyope it in your URL bar . It´s Better to trust the first result and click on it. We find a link of the Softonic website which provides a a few ways to download this Application.

Then you can find the download button in the bottom in right side of the page when you scroll down choose the free download and click on it . You can choose from a few ways to sign in via Facebook account or Google account. But don't worry if you don't have one of these and look for the button Alternative download. Before you finish your download process Think about in which directory you want to install it. You simply click on yes button (if something shows up) .When the main wizard shows up you will see the information about Share it witch shows and gives you their terms and policies about the politics , so you can read it if you if you want but if you want to save some time just check the box that says you accept the agreement and move forward. Click on Next and acctually browse the location in your drive where to install it . Don't forget to make your Shortcut on your Desktop .When you click on Next the process brat will indicate you the process of installation.You can click on Finish . Again the Information about policies will be shown for you so you can read again or just accept button.Now you will see the illustartion Of Share appeard on your dashboard. So you have to scan your Mobile by QR code function for sending and transfer your files or recieving files also .

Google has already recognized the scope of the MP3 Stage application. It was the sixth most downloaded music application in the world in the Google Play Store, according to data from January 2012 to March 2016.
In January 2012, the Palco MP3 application was launched, which today has compatibility with mobile devices that are Android or iOS. After downloading the application, users can search and listen to any song that is published on the platform, access information about registered artists and follow the lyrics of the song being played.

In addition to this content that keeps fans informed about the artistic life of the more than 114,000 artists on the platform, Blog Palco MP3 offers tips on how to manage your career: what to do to take great photos, how to write a good release, how to Songs work. Copyright laws, such as increasing your internet audience, among many other tactics.

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About ..

- Very good sound

- In Palco MP3 you can access more than one million songs from more than 90 thousand artists

- Limited editions

-Miles of different artists from many different genres directly from your Android device.
-It only comes with Brazilian artists and stations.

-However, to listen to these songs, it is important to remember that you will need an Internet connection.

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