Pet Rescue Review

Updated 11.07.2020

The Pet Rescue application is King's new game, the same as Candy Crush Saga. In it you have the mission to save friendly animals by solving colorful and fun puzzles. Launched for Facebook and Andoid, the title is totally free and only requires a valid account in the social network
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Developer : King
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Pet Rescue Saga, is a game created by the creators of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga.

In Pet Rescue he walks a path being a member of an animal rescue team. An outgrowth of each level increases a difficulty of this same rescue. For each phase there is a three-dimensional three-stars of, with the speech of three stars, according to its end. The more points, the more stars. The mechanics of the game summarize the colored blocks for the animals that arrive at the base and the saved. To eliminate the blocks just select the same ones, but for this it is necessary that the two cubes have the same color. Putting together a large amount of data blocks to eliminate once is a good strategy as it ensures more points. This is to complete the level and save the animals from the terrible thieves! There is a limit of moves, so it is essential to plan as moves. Embark on this challenging saga on account and play with friends to see who else gets points! Pet Rescue Saga is completely free. For such a company, some special items are used. As an example the rocket, which can eliminate a whole column altogether. To use them, remove the blocks to insert a bar next to the screen. Once complete, the item is ready to be used.

In addition to the rocket, other items will be part of the help tools group. There is the balloon, which detonates all blocks of the same color present on the screen just choose the color you want, and the pickaxe, which eliminates loose pieces without pairs of the same color. It is important to emphasize the importance of having the objectives of the missions, since, depending on the level, it is not necessary to eliminate all the blocks of the scenario but to rescue the animals.

Pet Rescue Saga incluides: 

  •  Beautiful graphics and colorful gameplay
  •  Lovely animals of all kinds: puppets, bunnies, little pigs and more!
  • Diamonds, bombs, paint cans, locked cages and more
  • Spectacular boosters and bonus rewards unlocked after many levels
  • Easy and fun game action, but difficult to master
  • Hundreds of challenging levels and new levels every 2 weeks!
  • Ratings to accompany friends and rivals!
  • Easy synchronization between devices and unlock all game features when connected to the Internet

The jigsaw puzzle skill will be put to the test with hours of fun.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : King
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About ..

- Entertaining
- Well done graphical performance
-Large variety of animal species
- Addiction in game
-The game is too large
- You can play it only if you are connected to Internet

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