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Updated 11.07.2020

Why bother to buy in a traditional way when now from your hand you can choose what you like, pay with your credit card and receive it in your home or office easily and quickly
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How to buy on Amazon is one of the questions that many people ask today. I will explain how to buy in the best online store in the world. Amazon is the one that sells the most worldwide and at the best prices.

The first thing you need to be able to buy in Amazon is to have a credit card and call the bank to ask to be activated online shopping.

You should be careful on what pages you browse because if they have sensitive content many download trackers to steal information from your card data for example.Try to always pass the antivirus on your computer before entering any personal or bank data.

You can make purchases from your mobile phone quietly and quickly with the new Amazon application. You can easily change the language from the main panel simply by choosing yours.

Amazon works in two ways, it is a large warehouse that has the products that you want themselves, they sell it to you and they send it to you although it also works with external vendors that sell it to you. How to differentiate if the seller is Amazon or is a private individual.

In general, the products sold in Amazon are cheaper, they arrive at your home or at your workspace where you are most comfortable.

The good thing and what stands out the most is in security, since if you do things right it is totally safe.

It is very easy to register, it will ask you to put your email, your personal data, your bank details and then you can start searching.

In the search bar we put the name of the product that we want to locate and on the left side of the page you can apply the filters by category, by price, by color, by brand, size, ratings of other users.

In order to be guided, it is best to see the valuations since the opinions of the other clients gives you a glimpse of what you will really find, it is very useful to make the final decision to buy.

If you are going to buy a lot in Amazon it is a good idea to become a premium amazon member so that you do not have to pay for shipments separately and have more benefits. If you process the order, you must fill in the address information where you want it sent, your ID, date of birth, zip code, telephone number, email, they tell you the delivery preferences which includes the days Saturday which you can choose to be only from Monday to Friday.

Another way of delivery is to select a pick-up point near your home and at the time that store opens you can go to pick up your package. It is a good option for those who are not at home regularly or do not know their schedules well.

Always for security they make you check that the address is correct and in the next step it indicates the delivery time of the order always giving you the option to choose to become a member of amazon prime and get more blessings.

You can pay by credit or debit card, gift vouchers and promotional codes. At the end of the purchase process before the end of the entire system is reached, it makes a review and gives you options to edit what you have already chosen then what is best to look at it well, confirm that everything is correct and give the green button Buy now and you will receive an email confirming your purchase by email.

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- It is the largest and most prestigious worldwide

- Extensive catalog

- Purchases arrive at your doorstep many times for free
- Sometimes some products are more expensive

- Extra expenses you see in the final shopping cart

-Pymes have disappeared because they can't share with the giant

- Generates addiction

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