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Updated 30.05.2020

Google Drive is a secure storage site for all the files that we want to save, these files are saved in a virtual drive that you can access with your Google account. The service is developed by Google and you need an account to access the Drive with 15GB of free space and many interesting features incorporated into the Application. You can also access from many devices
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Google Drive is a service developed by Google in 2012 and allows its users to use 15 gigabytes of virtual space from their cloud system. These can be different types of documents and files with different extensions. The service is the use of Google servers to share and synchronize files on various devices, with the only condition that users log in with a username and password belonging to a Google account. It also has some applications that can be used on your devices when you are offline, such as editors, in which some applications can work offline. The package includes a wealth of tools for editing files, word processing, creating slide shows, and various Google documents. All processed or newly created files can be found on the drive (unless settings are changed) by default.


Synchronization, on the other hand, offers a convenient way to transfer files from a mobile phone to a computer, for example. And this is a convenient service for various operating systems like Android and IOS. As mentioned through Google Drive you can use 15 GB of free space, but there are other paid packages for the specific needs of your consumption. Each account can be further personalized in terms of privacy, in case you share it with other people (for example, in the workplace) to avoid data misuse.

You can click the button to see the recent files, inside you will find the last files that you have edited before ordering them chronologically. You can find the methods to directly share the working text documents very useful, to share them you must press the button in the upper right corner of the screen or you can highlight the text and comment so that it is clearer if the recipient has to edit something, for example.

Various options can automate the transfer of files from your phone, such as photos. Backups are guaranteed, this can be very convenient when reinstalling your mobile device. Interactive assistants are very smart in organizing their files. They can tell you exactly what you are looking for based on complex algorithms. This is software that simply stores a large amount of meta information such as dates, times, and can remind you of past events with detailed information.


The most basic feature of Google Drive is that you can upload files and view them on all other devices that are registered in the same account. Of course, the idea is to work with these files from an account. And if you lose some of the files on your devices, you can later find them on Google Drive. This allows you to work from your desktop or laptop computer. If you are running Windows, you can quickly access the drive through the folder in its active area. If you want to learn how to do it, it is a very simple procedure.

Google Drive is very easy to use. And it can be used from any google account including company accounts. You can get rid of all the unnecessary files or files you no longer want by simply selecting it and pressing the trash can button. Just like windows, they will be moved to the trash from where you can restore or delete them entirely.


In the Google Drive panel you can use the search field to find your files. But there is also a shortcut that can help you sort the file type and even advance to the advanced search option. You have a clan-looking menu bar on the left side of the screen. Where the basic functions and options to share with other people are represented through the icons. You can also share files with people who use Google Drive from their own accounts. When you open your account panel and don't see the files that have been shared with you, you can probably check the Shared with me button in the menu bar on the left side from the screen. With all this basic information, you can start using Google Drive to discover even more useful features.

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Price: Free
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Developer : Google LLC
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About ..

- It is free and can be used on many devices.

- It is easy to use with the search bar

- You can share with other accounts

- You can drag and drop files
- A network problem may occur if the connection is not as strong.

- A little slower compared to MS Excel in some cases.

- For some people, this suggestion organization can be inconvenient.

- You cannot use some shortcut keys like on the computer.

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