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Updated 29.05.2020

Google Chrome is one of the most sucessful web platforms. This browser is the most popular nowadays and the most used. A cross-platform web browser by Google. It is free and there is large number fo additions like Google Drive, Gmail and many others
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Google Chrome is a massive web browser suitable for every platform and device that you can use without any problem. The platform was released and developed in 2008 because of Google. On September 1, 2008 Google have confirmed the story. After the time it was released for Microsoft Windows and after it was published for Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. Also, good point is that Chrome OS and it serves as the platform of web apps. The browser is the most popular web nowadays. In less than 3 years of using, Google Chrome became the third most used brokers in the world in compare with Mozilla and Explore. Since 2008, Chrome has 8,5 percent of world population.

Nowadays Chrome is the most used browser in the world with 48,12 percent of users, against the number of 22,62 presents of Internet Explore and 19,25 percent of Mozilla Firefox. It is important to say that according to StatCounter, the browser has 71 percent of worldwide browser market share on the traditional PC and 63,34 share across all different platforms

The good advantage is also that Google Chrome is completely free to download and once you install it, you will receive many useful functions, only in one browser. When you log in, you will have the ability to sent emails, Google will restore your own information and there is no need to cary about forgetting something. You will also have the ability to restore all of your photos, virtue of the option of Google Drive. The security system is in very high level so your information will be completely protected. Your photos also be automatically saved. The photos will be saved from every device to a universal cloud, in that way you can transfer your photos automatically from mobile to computer. You will also have free access to Google Dox and Drive, where you can save all of your documents and files. The good thing is also that you can have Ad Blocker extension, can be installed so there will be no frustrating information that will distract you.

One of the problems with Chrome is that it is owned by a global company so privacy is questionable. Google monitors activity and adjust ads accordingly. There are still some privacy Settings users have access to and it is not completely secure.

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Developer : Google
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- A lot of options and additional applications

- Very Quick

- Easy for instalation
- There is less privacy

- Large number of ads

- A lot of cookies on sites

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