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Updated 11.07.2020

If you want to try something different than Netflix and with much more content from the most famous brands, here you have the new streaming service HBO Max! You can find all the series and movies from the oldest and most famous to the newest and most popular
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HBO Max is Warner Media Entertainment's streaming platform. To be able to subscribe you must pay a standard price of USD 15. It is a service with all Warner Media content and it also has an advertising subscription option that will be a little cheaper than the standard one.

By downloading HBO Max you can get all the content from Warner Bross, tbs, CNN, tnt, CW, Cartoon Network, Crunchyroll, among others. Obviously all this will add to everything that HBO already has and their own productions.

In May of this year 2020 HBO Max will be launched, HBO users do not have an additional cost.

The premiere platform will have + 10,000 hours of content, a very extensive catalog. We will also have a total of 69 series, 38 are from hbo and 31 new series from HBO Max. All the Dr Who seasons will be on HBO Max. DF also confirmed that it will have its series on HBO Max. All Warner movies, oldest, superman, batman will be available. Green lantern also produced by dad Berlanti will also have a 100 million budget.

It seemed that it would never come in fact for many years we were talking and listening to stories from netflix, stories of this wonderful platform that would allow you to see premieres, complete series, the famous marathons, etc. until approximately 5 years Back they began to use these platforms around the world, before people used piracy a lot instead now for a very low monthly cost they have all the content online to be able to enjoy it when they want it.

Netflix was the queen for many years until HBO came along with Game of Thrones streaming that changed everything. The HBO streaming system, as we have already said in other videos where I talk about which to choose because this streaming system has a careful catalog of series and movies.

With the HBO Max application you can see the new South park. Also remember that it will be the most expensive streaming application / platform on the market.

HBO go is an online version if you are a current HBO subscriber which is where you can watch HBO on your TV, phone or any device. HBO now if you don't subscribe to HBO by cable, it's an independent online version of HBO.

HBO MAX anchored by HBO but with all these different overlapping media brands and it's certainly the one they're going to push because they're projecting something like 50 million US subscribers by 2025. They're starting from something of an advantage: there are 34 million HBO subscribers, they have international ambitions, plus they are trying to get a world of 75 to 90 million subscribers by the year 2025 that they are going to throw in an empty tear and with advertising, but yes, that is a lot

HBO max is AT & T's new streaming service. The platform will have a lot of new content and will also bring a lot of old content, especially Friends who are leaving Netflix and migrating through HBO Max, where they can watch all 238 episodes of friends. They're attacking those old things, many including Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Little Liars, they're bringing all of these libraries to HBO Max so they can see them there, they've also gotten a lot of new content from

creators, so However, there is plenty of new content to go with the old stuff.

What will be the future of HBO as an independent brand?

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About ..

- Immense amount of content

- It has an ad-free version

- Original titles focused on both children and millennials.

- You need good internet speed
- It only has a paid version

- It has little sports content.

- Compared to other platforms, it is the most expensive, although it is the one with the most content.

- You can get lazy

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