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Updated 03.08.2020

Origin is Electronic Arts' online video game market. The powerful American studio was responsible for major franchises for several decades. This proposal aims to compete with the pages that offer titles for computer players. Origin offers discounts, exclusive content and a great community
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Developer : Electronic Arts
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The video game market is one of the most competitive today. There are a wide variety of platforms, virtual stores and internet sites where you can access to buy games and applications online.
Electronic Arts is one of the studios that develops the most important video games in the world and presents Origin, its online market to buy its products with great benefits on computers.

The American firm is one of the oldest in the field since it was born in 1982. Among the successes it launched it has very popular franchises and recognized by fans and specialists. Just to list some of the great productions of Electronic Arts we have: The Sims, Apex Legends, FIFA, Star Wars, Anthem, Battlefield, Titan Fall, among others. As we can see they are releases of various genres and intended for different audiences of all ages and preferences. Each of them has a wide variety of editions, expansions and versions that have been published over the years.
Installing and downloading Origin will give us access to different benefits depending on the type of account and subscription we purchase. Mainly it is a store to buy titles but it also offers discounts, early accesses, exclusive purchases and the possibility of playing for free through the collection known as The Vault.

All products purchased from Origin can be returned thanks to the site offering a guarantee. The two types of subscription available are Origin Access Basic and Origin Access Premier.
The Basic access modality offers the pass for the online digital library The Vault, early tests of the Electronic Arts titles that are about to be released and 10% discount on the acquisition of any game, expansion, downloadable content or items that are find for sale within the title.
On the other hand, the Premier subscription allows full access to brand new titles in advance without any limit, the chance to experience the products available in The Vault and the same 10% discount on transactions.

It is possible to change at any time from one type of membership to the other, they can be paid by credit card, PayPal or the EA Wallet although the means of payment are limited depending on the region in which the player is located. The price to obtain Origin Access Basic is € 3.99 or € 24.99 annually, to access Origin Access Premier the value is € 14.99 per month and € 99.99 if you want to pay an entire year in advance.

The advantages of Origin are many, especially for players who follow Electronic Arts franchises. It is as simple as downloading, installing and playing your favorite game on your computer. You can save data to a cloud storage service and receive updates of all kinds of content automatically. The system for downloading the products is optimized to be very fast and some titles can be enjoyed during the installation process. If you don't have internet there will be no problem. Solo, individual or single player games are available even if you do not have WIFI or access to data that allows you to establish a connection.

For those who have more than one terminal to play, they will be able to access Origin and all its content on different computers thanks to its cloud storage. Also, if a title is obtained in another digital store, it can be added to our Origin library.
As on any platform, Origin stops to develop and sustain its large community. We will be able to interact with friends, family and colleagues from the world of video games. We will have the possibility to configure our friends list, use voice and text chat, join the community on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and access the broadcast via Twitch with the press of a button.

Origin is one of the most tempting options for those who play on computers. They will have access to great discounts, exclusive content and early tests of the franchises of one of the studios that have produced more and better releases over the years.


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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Electronic Arts
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- Two subscription possibilities.

- Catalog of outstanding franchises.

- Cloud storage.

- Early access
- Only for computers.

- Offer limited to Electronic Arts.

- High price.

- Limitations on Mac.

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