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Updated 11.07.2020

Smart Search & Web Browser Light & fast engine is a web browser for Android and iOS. This allows you to easily and quickly select answers to your search queries from different search services. Already more than 10 million users have been inspired by the app and use it every day for all their concerns
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Smart Search & Web Browser Light & fast engine is a web browser for Android and iOS. With this you get immediate answers to your searches.

The handling is very simple. After downloading, the app icon will appear on your screen. Click on this to open the app. A browser window with search bar appears in which you can enter your request manually or by voice search. Quickly get answers from many popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and other popular web services like YouTube, Wikipedia and Ebay.

Through the intelligent search, you are already suggested topics during the typing in your query and adjusted for spelling mistakes. This is to guarantee even better and faster processing of your request and to achieve optimal search results.

If you have more than one query at a time, you can open a new tab and switch between the open tabs by simply swiping left or right.

If you have found a page that you would like to revisit later, you have the option to bookmark the page. This is not a problem if you want to save multiple Internet pages. You can manage all bookmarks.

To allow quick access to recently visited websites, these are displayed as suggestions and are also noted in the web history and can be called up.

But there are many more widgets to choose from, such as the readability mode, the built-in QR code scanner, which allows you to scan barcodes to get to the page in no time or the night mode. This reduces the strain on the eyes due to the blue light emanating from the mobile phone and allows you to enjoy a pleasant night-time surfing. For watching videos in full screen format, there is also a volume and brightness control.

Another gadget is the incognito mode. This allows you to surf privately even if you are not the only person using your device. Your activity is not displayed to the other person.

Useful is also the existing ad blocker, which allows you a faster and more efficient search without annoying ads.

In addition, you have access to an add-on catalog. With this catalog you can extend the app with numerous special functions. Have a look!

If you wish, you can use this app to create links to popular sites on a variety of topics.

Also some exciting gadgets are available in the app such inspiring quotes and search trends.

Download this helpful app and be impressed by the search results, widgets, add-ons and gagets.

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Price: Free
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About ..

- Search results from different search sources

- Many widgets like QR code scanner, night mode, incognito mode

- Ad Blocker
- Search results from different search sources can only be compared by wiping

- One has no overrides how many tabs are open

- Search history and page history are confusing

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