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Updated 11.07.2020

VSCO is a very popular service and application for editing photos taken with mobile devices. Using the application, we have access not only to interesting inspirations and photos of other people, but also to regular articles on mobile photography and related topics. VSCO is an interesting proposition for people who like to play with mobile photography, and at the same time look for inspiration and broaden their knowledge
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VSCO is an application to photo processing. It is available in the free version, but with some restrictions - to have access to more presets and full functionality it is necessary to purchase access.You can shoot pictures for your own mobile and then feed in this application. Actually is one of the famous application to do that. Used all over the world. The appearance of the VSCO icon attracts attention. It is very minimalism and looks really good.

 The application is used to process photos and publish them. We have several free settings at our disposal, and there are many paid effects. The VSCO app has its own community, which works a bit like ... Instagram without hearts. You can add photos and follow others and star your favorite photos, but no one except the creator will see how many stars his work has.

Registered users can place and present their photos in VSCO galleries. First of all this application has the best filters. VSCO has a large selection of filters not only on the phone but also a nice option will be to download dramatic or buy them. It's worth using them as presets on your computer. The photo will look very good then. 

If you have account you can publish your pictures and also follow other users

We have tools in the panel of the VSCO editor like Exposure (Exposure) - to lighten or darken the photo,  Contrast - to improve the contrast, Straighten - for straightening photos,Horizontal Perspective and Vertical Perspective - we correct the perspective, Crop - to crop photos according to the proportions (there are several settings to choose from), Sharpen - to sharpen image details. Saturation - to strengthen or weaken color saturation. Highlights Save - allows you to compensate for overexposed places. Temperature - white balance adjustment.Tint - changes the hue of the image. Skin Tone - we can correct the skin tone towards red or yellow, graid, Fade - allows you to lighten the dark pixels in the photo, making it seem more moody. Shadow Tint - gives color to dark areas of the photo.Highlights Tint - gives color to the bright areas of the photo


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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : VSCO
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About ..

- Has manual focus

- Manual white balance

- Free application

- Clear and comfortable look

- Long recording of photos

- Limited options in the free version

- Sporadic login problems

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