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Updated 11.07.2020

Walmart Grocery App is an easy-to-use developer of Walmart chain stores to assist their customers with the option of making an online order list and setting the time to pick up their items. The personal buyer will prepare the order and even help the customer load their bags in their cars
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If you have never used these apps before us, we will explain how Walmart Grocery Pickup works.
If you don't know, Walmart has an option for you to buy your groceries online and you will have a personal shopper who will shop for you.

So how does it work? Here you have two options: on your computer or on your smartphone.

If it's on the computer, go to the Walmart Store website, and in the upper right corner click on the grocery tab. This will send you to the Walmart grocery website where you will have a choice of which Walmart you want to pick up. What time do you want to book your pick-up and your card on the right with a total price. This service is free, but your orders must have a minimum of thirty dollars to be able to place your Walmart order.

If you've never used a similar app before, you'll be amazed at how efficient it can be. Just think about it: He stays in front of the computer and searches for the products compared to going to the store side and choosing in a natural physical way.

The first tip to enjoy Walmart Pickup for "heart" (Add to favorites) everything you generally like to buy, for example: apples, soaps and even dry shampoo. When you click the heart button, this automatically saves the product to your favorites. This way, the next time you place your order, you can easily go to your favorites tab and make a faster payment. You have a couple of different options on how to find your items.

One is to type the month in the search or click on the department store and shop in the different departments. When you find your item be sure to click the heart - bookmark the item and then click Add to Cart. You can change the quantity above your item. If you accidentally add an item to your cart, you can easily click on the item to decrease or increase the quantity or remove the item entirely from your cart.

Keep shopping until you're ready to order at least $ 30. When you are ready to place your order, click on checkout; A page will appear that will not be displayed. You can review the items to see what you have or if you forgot something or just click continue to pay. Reserve the most convenient time to receive your order on the time page that will appear below. This is when you can change your pickup location and choose the best time to pick up your order.

After choosing your time interval and reviewing your order, it will appear. This is where you simply review your order and on this page you will see the substitute check mark. Uncheck the check mark if you don't want any substitutes check your list and uncheck the items you don't want to replace. When you're done, just click the Place Order button. If this is your first time ordering at the Walmart grocery store, you will need to add your card information, but you do not have to do it every time you order. After placing your order, you will receive an email indicating that Walmart has received your order.

You can also make your pickup order from your phone. You must first download the Walmart supermarket app and you will have another option which is a barcode scanner. Scan your items to add them and directly to the cart.

Through your phone you can also buy using the department section or looking for your items. The cart and the total will be in the upper right corner. You can click on the cart to change your order and this is where you will check out, you can pick up before or after check out. After paying, you can still make changes to your order. Walmart informs you that you can change the order after that type of time; you cannot make any more changes.

Therefore, changing your order is very easy to do both on the computer and on your phone. Walmart will also send you an email informing you that your order is ready to be picked up and that it is time to register. The check-in confirmation will let your personal shopper know that you are on the way so you can have your order ready when you get there.

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Price: Free
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About ..

-You can save your favorite items

-Innovative method

-You have personal shopper that can load your purchases in the car

-You can scan the barcodes
Y-ou can't choose your veggies and fruits

-It's weird first few times

-Sometimes gives you special offers for an items but you can't change the quantity

-Requires minimum value of the order 30$

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