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Updated 11.07.2020

War Thunder is a video game of air, land and naval combat, preferably arcade, although the player can, if desired, choose a realistic or simulated gameplay mode
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War Thunder is a video game of air, land and naval combat, preferably arcade, although the player can, if desired, choose a realistic or simulated gameplay mode. Developed by Gaijin Entertainment, War Thunder is a free massively multiplayer online video game.

The game contains aircraft and land vehicles of different types, from the basic biplane fighters after World War I, to the Soviet MiG-15 and F-86 American Saber reactors protagonists in the Korean War, passing through a variety of such bombers known as the American B-17 Flying Fortress, or the German Heinkel 111. There is also a minority of rare aircraft such as the American XP 55 or the Japanese Kyushu J7W1 Shinden, based on projects partially or unsuccessfully developed. The same goes for ground forces: from tanks designed and produced in the early 1930s, to leading units of the Korean and Vietnam war, as well as vehicles with guided anti-tank missiles (ATGM) or tanks modern with reactive armor. Self-propelled anti-aircraft units are also available. The company has already announced the BETA version of the naval fighting, although it has warned that the battles will be fought, for the moment, between patrol boats and small boats, and not battleships, cruisers and aircraft carriers, which has attracted many negative reviews. Most of the game maps are directly or indirectly inspired by authentic battles of the time.

From the countries involved in World War II and the Korean War (approximate historical interval of the video game), the user can choose between the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, the United States, Nazi Germany, Japan, Italy and France. Apart from the aircraft of these nations, the different versions of the game have added new aircraft from other countries such as Australia and France (in the branch of the United Kingdom), Spain (in the branch of the Soviet Union) or Romania (in that of Germany ).

In arcade mode the game is divided into two teams (32 people and 64 people) with planes from the six available nations (United States, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, Empire of Japan, Italy and France). Although this mode is simpler than the others, it adds realism regarding the resistance of each aircraft.

This mode has the «Ground Strike», which consists in destroying enemy ground forces (Artillery and vehicles), air and naval units and airfields or bombing points. Once that is done, the team that has achieved the objectives will win.

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Price: Free
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Developer : © Gaijin Entertainment Corporation
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About ..

-They are flexible to suit the player. If the task does not suit your playing style, change it. Combine aircraft and tank battles as you see fit.

-You can only play and win many of them next door.

-You can get bonuses (tanks and airplanes) from all nations until T34.

-They do not involve any risk other than running out of time.

-You can influence the time window in which they are open to suit your needs.

-You can do other things (shovel, bets, boosters, events) at the same time.

-In contrast to GE bets, you always have the option to make them.

-You don't need squads to make them.
-You will have to invest time in the game almost every day and a little more in about 10-15 days a month.

-You cannot freely choose the premium you receive, you only have a limited option, which you know before embarking on the project.

-You won't get any T4 this way.

-You need a T4 vehicle to get a premium vehicle.

-They are not transferred from one month to another.

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