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Updated 03.08.2020

The Weather Channel is arguably the best weather app that you can download today for free on your mobile device. With this app, you can view reliable weather information, so you can make more accurate plans for your days
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Both in the App Store and in the Google Play there is a multitude of different weather applications, from which users can choose, but without a doubt one of them stands out above all. We are talking, as we are sure you already imagined, about The Weather Channel, possibly the best application to consult weather information.

This has not been won by chance or in a short time but has become one of the best applications thanks to the enormous amount of information it offers, its precision and, above all, for being an application cared for even in the slightest detail, with a design that will not leave you indifferent.

Among the many options that it offers us, it allows us to consult the hourly weather forecasts, for the next 15 days, the current weather conditions, no matter where in the area we are, as well as the possibility of consulting the weather maps. As if all this seems too little, the application allows you to manage alarms of all kinds that will keep us informed of weather conditions at any time.

As it could not be otherwise, on Android, we will also have the possibility of placing widgets on the home screen that will offer us a large amount of information in real time and that you will be able to see at a glance whenever you want.

All this is rounded off being able to download the application for free, something that does not happen in too many cases since most applications have a cost, especially if it has some of the applications that we can find on The Weather Channel.

Have you really not tried and enjoyed the options and features of The Weather Channel yet?

Over the years, the amount of work developers have done to make the app truly amazing is demonstrated. This weather app now looks better than ever. It is location-based, which means that every time you go it will match your GPS address. You can do this by clicking on the small intuitive notice that will appear and ask you to save it to your favorites. The old way of using the zip code is still available, but it takes a little more effort, and sometimes you may have trouble with that if you say you are abroad and didn't know what language is used.

By scrolling left and right, you can see the weather for the next week, so many people need to know in advance what the weather will be like in the coming days. Especially those who have to plan external activities like shooting a video production, for example. We can all see that the climate is changing and that it is a really powerful force. For that reason, we need to know that the weather is going to be like this so you can plan ahead. Many things can go wrong if you don't plan the weather.

If you ask why trust weather predictions?

This is a huge process where the global network of devices can measure the atmosphere and collect data from around the world. Radar systems, weather balloons, ocean monitoring boats, and many other instruments track changes to help predict the weather. Another vital ingredient is orbiting space, meteorological satellites are gaining an overview of atmospheric changes. These European satellites met with the Meteor Sat to give us a chance to see the weather before it reaches us. All of these satellites orbit the earth and measure different atmospheric and sea surface temperatures, radiation, sea ice conditions, and more. All of this data is collected and sent to powerful supercomputers. These huge machines work their way through millions of bits of data about today's climate, oceans, and atmosphere to forecast the future. The process is called Numerical Weather Prediction and it is what scientists use to help us plan our lives.

It's a smart thing: People and entire countries can react when bad weather comes. Governments, pilots, trainers, fishermen and sailors, shop owners, tourists, construction workers, and even power plants - it all depends on accurate weather forecasts.

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Price: Free
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Developer : The Weather Channel
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About ..

- The quantity of meteorological information that it offers us is enormous and of great precision

- The radar maps that we can access from our mobile device are extremely accurate, simple and you will hardly find them in any other application of this type

- The 15-day view forecast can be consulted in few applications of this type and in none so precisely and clearly

- Despite everything it offers us, it can be downloaded for free from Google Play as well as from the App Store
- Sometimes the large amount of information it offers can exceed any user

- You can't really do customization

- You may find that the locked interface forces excessive scrolling

- Annoying ads

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