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Updated 11.07.2020

Faced with the imminent need to work, collaborate, share, teach, educate ourselves from home, we need to find the tools that allow us to do so and that do not affect our economy. Zoom is a video collaboration tool developed in California that allows us to collaborate with video, audio and applications from any device from anywhere in the world
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Do you work from home? If you're working from home, you probably know you have to connect with your coworkers. For any purpose, helping people connect with other Zoom Cloud Meetings can be very helpful. This technology will help you stay in touch with your family, friends, or workers.

Zoom is an American remote services company that offers video conferencing, online meetings and other more useful things. Zoom software enables online collaboration between up to 1,000 video participants and more than 10,000 viewers. People can simply click a link or add a meeting ID to join any meeting. Participants can also join in with their video on or off and / or share their screens with other meeting participants. To help you organize a meeting, join an existing meeting that someone else is organizing.

If you go to the website, you can register and it's free, all you need to do is register with your email or you can register using Google or Facebook, then click on create account and that's it. Once you see your account dashboard, you can start exploring how to manage your recordings.

You can view your Upcoming Meetings meetings as well as upcoming meetings and you can create templates. In the upper right corner of the screen, you can click HOST A MEETING and you can choose to organize a meeting with your video on / off or if you just want to share your screen. If you click on "video on".

You will get to the screen where you have a couple of options, so you can click download Zoom and run (if you have never used ZOOM before) on your desktop / laptop / mobile device / tablet as an app. So once you have downloaded and When Zoom is running on your computer / device, you can click Open Zoom in the popup message. This is how to create a simple meeting with Zoom.

You can choose to pair audio with computer audio or test your microphone. If it appears on the left side, you can choose to mute so you can't speak anymore and other participants can't hear you, then you can click to stop muting. The Next button you click will stop your video and that will only show your email profile. You will need to invite people if you are hosting the meeting, so again press the Next button and click Invite. You now have a ton of different options where you can click ¨Copy URL¨ and send it directly to another potential participant or someone you want to invite to this meeting or conference.

You can also just click on your email (like Gmail) and it will automatically open your email and you can enter as many emails as you like and send them in the invitation directly to these email addresses and all of them (colleagues or friends) should click in the email type in the ID and password and then they can join this meeting. On the screen below you can see your password. You can also manage your participants, you can mute everyone, so if you are talking in your meeting and you don't want anyone else to talk and talk to each other and you want them to focus on you (you can click mute all)

There is a simple tip that will help you in your performance. This is a simple but effective way of doing things the right way. It will take a little time to figure out where the best lighting is, what is the best angle to place your camera, and its little setup for all of that. Then you will be ready to go whenever you want.

The first important thing is to find the most cumbersome lighting, it will be great for you to find the most pleasant and soft diffused natural light from a window. The good idea is for the light to come directly in front of you. try to avoid the light coming from above / side / rear, it will not be so flattering and will cast shadows and your face will also be difficult to read. You know it is important for people to read your body language as it is important to hear words from you as well. But don't stay directly in an open window because it will be too bright and will make you explode.



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Price: Free
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- Simple and intuitive.

- You have up to 100 free participants.

- You can share screen.

- Can be broadcast live.
- It has a limit of 40 min in the free version, it is very little time.

- Low quality.

- Sometimes disconnects when there are many online.

- Little stability.

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