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Updated 30.05.2020

Tinder is a cross-platform personal location application for romantic online dating, cross-referencing information from other applications, locating geographically close people. A t Tinder, you share a photo of yourself and get a datewith the person with the highest score, as well as talk to a person who has qualified you positively
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Tinder is considered as one of the most important dating applications in the digital market, and in 2014 was named App of the Year in the Enter. Co Award. Available in 24 languages, the app is fit for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded for free on Google Play and the App Store. The application works as follows, you first have to register and create your own profile by filling in fields in which you have to put a photo of yourself, preferably the face, and the data you want other people to know about you.

When this is done, Tinder searches for people who register their account and an adventure starts from that moment. In anonymous, they can be cute, ugly, fat or thin. The user slid his finger on the screen, to the right, pulling the profile of the person, if interested. If it is not the case that the finger slides on the screen to the left to expose the profile of the same, and it is no longer selected.

You can also see more photos and information, if any, of each person registered. When two users are mutually interested, they are informed and can start a conversation. This is known when both are marked by each other, with a green heart meaning positive vote.

In 2016, Tinder announced that it would allow dating service for under 18-year-olds. Until the age of 13, teenagers could use the application, with the restriction of viewing only profiles that were in their age group, but currently access to minors under 18 is no longer allowed. In 2017, Tinder Online was launched globally in an optimized version of the dating application web so people can join Tinder anywhere. That same year, Tinder Gold was launched, an exclusive service that offers its most exclusive functions: Passport, Backspace, Unlimited Taste, five Super "I like" a day and more profile controls.
Some features are, Instagram integration that allows users to access the profiles of other users. Common connections allow users to see if they share a common friend on Facebook. And a curiosity is that on April 19, 2019, four days before the Day of the Book, the first conversation takes place between two users who started talking about a book.

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Price: Free
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Developer : Tinder Inc
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- Even if you like a guy and click on the heart, if it does not appear on your list of options and it does a reciprocal click, it will never know that you liked it. This advantage allows us to click with the confidence that the other will never know us and will reject us, so we can act without shame and with freedom.
- Being connected to Facebook, tells you the common friends you have with that person, so it is easier to ask for references about this well-known attraction.
- Can filter based on your location, age or some common tastes.
- When you both make a match, you can start interacting immediately.
- When you reject a profile, it does not appear again, fast goodbye to those who do not care!
- The app offers limited space for profile description and interests, beyond age, location and photos, there is no way to know if that person really stays with you.
- The location can be changed by users so you may be talking to someone who does not live in your city but just looking for a "tidy" for when you go on vacation or working.
- If both do not match, there is no chance of meeting, this is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time, because you can easily go anonymously if it is not on your profile or not interested.

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