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Updated 15.07.2020

Clash of Clans is a strategy game developed by Supercell in August 2012, made by the Supercell. This game is about wars and strategies, in fact doesn't metter the level of our village... all depends on the disposition of the city and abilities to defend or attack
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Developer : Supercell
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Clash of Clans is available for iOS and Android but is only released on September 30, 2013 in its beta version of Android.

The game consists in the development of a named village, with the aim of improving it and making it capable of defending itself against other players' attacks. In 2014, Supercell introduced the Clan War model into the game, which further enhanced the competitiveness of players around the world. These villages aim to fight with other players to evolve their clan and their own village. With the update 8.332.9, the attack system between companions of the same clan was introduced, making the game with a more modern dynamic, to also decide rivalries within the clan and more important as a strategy training, which would be used in the war and without any cost in the elixir and no expense for the one receiving the attack, where the attack should only be allowed with the decision of the owner of the village that will receive the attack.

The game starts with a brief tutorial on possible actions: collect resources, eliminate obstacles, build buildings, attack opponents, how to earn experience points, etc. Resources allow the construction of attack or defense buildings as well as training troops and heroes, all buildings and troops have levels of improvement.

Some of the buildings are, for example: Vila center, laboratory, spell factory, shady spell factory, barracks, black barracks, camp, gold mine, elixir collector, black elixir drill, gold deposit, deposit elixir, deposit of black elixir, among others.

As mentioned above, there are also defense elements, which are basically the cannons, magician's towers, ark towers, aerial dispersers, hell tower, air defense, x-beast, hidden tesla, mortar and eagle artillery. In the attacks we can find traps that make it difficult to attack the village. Among them are: pump, aerial bomb, spring trap, and guided aerial mine.

The game's troops are: barbarians, archers, giants, goblins, wall destroyers, balloons, magicians, healers, dragons, P.E.K.K.A, baby dragons, miners and electric dragons that are available in the barracks and are trained with elixir. The black barracks has the following troops: golem, servant, runner, valkyrie, witch, lava hound, and the pitcher who are trained with black elixir. It is also possible to make spells to help the troops in the game, in the spell factory are: lightning spell, healing spell, fury spell, jump spell, freeze spell and the clone spell made with elixir. And in the shady spell factory can be made: poison spell, earthquake spell, spell of acceleration, skeleton spell and bat spell made with the black elixir. There are also heroes that when they reach a certain level of the center of the village are available. Heroes are a special type of troops. The first hero to be unlocked is the Barbarian King (CV7), followed by Queen Arqueira (CV9) and the Great Guardian (CV11). Each hero has a special ability. All heroes are immortal, but they can be left unconscious on the battlefield, and they must be cured, they have a specific time per hero and it depends on the level of the Hero.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Supercell
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About ..

- Is free

- Constant updates

- Friendships are created with the clans

- This game hasn't an end
-Evolution of the constructions take a long time

-Sometimes the matching to fight are very unfair

-The game can't be used without internet, so if i want to play in single player, i can't

-To have come back our account, we have to do log in nomerous


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