Get V-Bucks For free
Get v-bucks for free and buy your favorites skins

Fortnite is a free game, and just in case it has not been clear to you, I repeat :, it's totally free!
However, obviously Epic Games also wants to win something, therefore, although the game is free, inside this you will find an object store where you can buy skins for your character, and once you have purchased them, these will always remain in your account .
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To buy skins, dances and objects it is necessary to have the so-called V-Bucks. This is the fortnite virtual currency that can be purchased with real money through the game store.
Like you, I would also like to have many skins to envy all my friends and to be "special" during my Battle Royale.

You may have taken a look on Youtube and you may have seen many videos that promise free V-Bucks, but in the end, what did you get?

Let me guess ... Nothing! Yes, it's not so easy to get V-BUCKS for free. There are many videos that say: - Watch my video, I have the solution to get thousands of free V-BUCKS in just 10 minutes.
The world of video games is full of scams and people who believe them, so I'll clarify the issue of the free V-BUCKS and I'll show you how and how many V-BUCKS you can get for free.
Obtaining them will not be immediate or easy, but with a little patience you can accumulate a few of them for your first Skin.
To get free V-BUCKS we must take advantage of 3 things in the game:
° Save the world.
° Silver battle pass.
° Battle pass (paid).
One of the methods most used by all Fortnite players to accumulate coins and buy skins is to buy the PvE Save the World modality.
In fact, those who own Save the World (available on the Epic Games website) will be able to unlock different missions and daily tasks and acquire free V-BUCKS that can be used in real battle mode. This is still the best method to obtain a large amount of V-BUCKS, the modality has a price of € 39.99.

However, according to the latest news, Epic Games has announced that Save the World will be available for free in 2019.
Within the game is the battle pass. It is an affordable way to get exclusive skins, objects and dances related to the season in which you play.
The pass also has a free version that, playing and launching more and more missions, will give you some rewards, including 200 V-BUCKS for each season (2 months).
If you have patience, after several months you can buy a skin.
Finally we have the last method, and this being honest, it's not totally free.
In fact, in this case it's about buying the battle pass that costs 950 V-BUCKS (€ 9.99), if you work hard and succeed successfully complete all the missions present at the end of the season, you will finish with 1500 V-BUCKS. That is, in addition to having recovered the 950 V-BUCKS, you will have won 550.

You can repeat this procedure every season, and thus always accumulate 550 per each.
I recommend again that you do not fall into any scam, do not download any application that is not the official one and never give your password to anyone, the scammers are always in all the games.
When you want many V-BUCKS, keep in mind that it is impossible to find a trick that gives you all you want.

So, if you do not have money to buy your favorite skins, you should definitely follow my advice! I wish you many real victories and see you next time!




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