How to build in fortnite
Improve your way of building in fortnite

Fortnite is the title of the moment, which brings with it some innovations that will probably influence all the games to come, its success is due to a multiplicity of factors, a game mechanic totally different from any other game.
A classic shooting game in the third person, in a new modality "Battle Royal", where 100 people fight for victory and the construction system something that is very close to Minecraft, surely the novelty introduced by Epic Games to build is what It makes a difference compared to many other titles.
Let's be clear, building is not so easy, you have to get used to the buttons and train enough.
In this guide today I will explain how to build and do it to the fullest easily and quickly!

- How to build in pc
- How to build on PS4 or Xbox One.
- How to build better and faster.


If you have a computer, what you should do is: While you are playing, press the Q key and the build menu will open.
Once inside, with the keys F1, F2, F3, F4 you can select the different types of constructions, we have the staircase the floor, the wall, the ceiling and three materials, wood, bricks, metal and once selected, you will not have left nothing more than pressing the left button of your mouse.
This method, the "classic", is a bit cumbersome and difficult to master. What I advise you to do is go to "Configurations", and activate the "Construction Master" mode, this is used by all Fortnite pro players and it will surely give you a hand to improve and be faster build.
When buying a simple gaming mouse, you can assign a mouse button to any type of construction
You will save a lot of time, your hand will never detach from the mouse and build it will seem child's play!


The situation is very similar in the console. Once you have entered a match, press the Circle button (ps4) or [B] on Xbox One, to open your build menu.
Press triangle (ps4) or Y (Xbox one) to scroll through the different types of construction. Once this is done, you only have to press R2 on ps4 or RT Xbox One.
My advice always that of configuring the modality "Master of construction" valid and effective even in the consoles.

Like I said, in Fortnite you can be as good as you want to aim and shoot perfectly, but if you do not build you can not win many duels.

In the jargon are called "Build Battles", two enemies sighted, begin to build around themselves and seek to reach the most altro. Whoever will build better, in most cases, will bring home the kill.
So what do we do when we see an enemy?
Even if we are sure that we can aim and shoot well, what we must do is build right away, the basic, easy and effective construction consists of a ladder, a wall to protect it and other two walls to cover your back.
This is one of the easiest and most effective constructions, the best in close encounters.

It is very important that you get used to this basic form of construction. Try it all the time, improving construction should be your main objective in your Fortnite matches.
Next, you will have to try to build a base on top of another one to have a height advantage over your enemy.
A good advice is to take advantage of the modality currently available "Playground", where the resources obtained are 10 times higher than in a normal game, each time you die you will be regenerated unless it is the storm to kill you, also, on the map You will find 100 blades!




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