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Updated 15.07.2020

Garena Free Fire is a third person shooter game in the form of battle royale. 50 players parachute to a remote island, where there can only be one winner: the last man or team left in p
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Garena Free Fire also known as Free Fire is an electronic action-adventure mobile game genre battle royale, developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. This game was released in November 2017 for Android and Ios.

The first thing you should do if you want to start playing is create a personal account, at the time of creating the account you can fill out a form with your data and email but you also have the option of being able to create it from your already created account. Facebook or Google.

Depending on the map you can play 50 or more players, others less. The classic map consists of 50 participants, you can play in a squad in different ways to play, it varies, you can play the race mode, you can play in pairs, there is a specific map for this, they add things to the game to do it entertaining, they were adding some weapons. Basically if you saw the movie the hunger game is like that, you have to survive everything.

Once you give Garena Free Fire Download, all you have to do is get to the island from a plane you jump on, land on an island, grab weapons and kill whoever you meet along the way. All the time it will show you the number of participants that are left alive in your team, you have different areas in which you will fall on the Island. The main thing is to pick up weapons on the way so that when you come across one of the opposing team you can defend yourself, You can also fight with your fist but it is very difficult to win that way, the latter is not recommended.

At the beginning is to take the weapons and ammunition, you can carry up to 3 weapons or well if we count the grenades it can be 4 weapons. When you kill one of the other teams you can take away the things you have and it is better to choose the best weapons since you cannot take all of them. It is convenient for them to carry a shotgun, a pistol, when the character is healing they will begin to touch around their hands, so that they identify that they are healing.

It is very important to get used to using the weapons that we like to know how far we can go and that it serves us. It is also necessary that they have space in the inventory to fill it with what they need so they must know well what it is that they put here.

Another important thing to not lose so much health and have energy is to eat the cetas that you find along the way, they give you extra resistance. Every time you see a ceta try to catch it. There are 3 different levels in which you are collecting different things, for example in one you must collect vests, in other backpacks, chargers and helmets.

The shots on the map will be shown in red and you can access the map whenever you want. Weapons can be silenced because on the map you can also find those who are shooting.

On the map you will see that there is an area delimited with a large white circle that tells you where you should be positioned, if you are outside it is convenient to go inside the circle that is shrinking so as not to lose energy.

It depends on the backpack you have is the amount you can carry so it is important that you go taking backpacks of higher levels to be able to store more things. While they are playing they will realize what ammunition each weapon has and how to combine them.

Try to always be in the safe zone because if you stay out, you lose energy for every second that passes and you are out of the safe zone. An interesting thing is also the frying pan that you can get because it covers them if you are running and they shoot something from behind and they have the frying pan placed as hanging behind it can help you as a shield and cover bullets that come from the back, also the machete complies This function somehow though the pan may cover more.

When entering an unexplored area, I recommend that you enter with the weapon in your hand and, if possible, bend down so that the steps are not heard, because every time you run you hear the steps going, the high volume is important. in this game when they are playing comfortable so that just doesn't happen to them.

Dare to try this exciting adventure that Free fire offers!

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Price: Free
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-Available on both Android and iOS devices

-Free to play

- Fast and easy to install

- An accurate battle royale experience for a mobile device
- Rudimentary interface

- Not available on PC or PS4

- Smaller audience to play with

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