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Updated 15.07.2020

Love Balls is a very simple game in all aspects. The big game is two balls, one is blue and the other pink, through the lines that are drawn by themselves. This is an ideal game for mobile phones so their gameplay is great
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Price: Free
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Developer : Super Tapx Limited
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The success and failure of certain games often escape all kinds of reason. It is clear that the arrival of popular games to mobile terminals, as is the case of PUBG and Fortnite, will be a triumph 99.9% of the time. But sometimes we find games like Love Balls that reach the highest level of the most downloaded game lists without making noise. A game that had to be ousted by the all-new Harry Potter title to get out of iOS number 1. A resume that made us want to understand the reasons for its success.

Love Balls is a very simple game in all aspects. A title where we will have to gather two protagonists balls by means of drawing lines that make this possible. It has a simple visual flair, which simulates an office, and that has a certain charm. After surpassing the first phases that serve as tutorial, we will see ourselves drawing several types of curved lines that allow the union of these passionate balls. The less ink we use, the better the punctuation we'll receive, the more we can control the ink you're spending on the top bar. So pay attention and if you think you can get less paint, repeat the level. The trick is not to complete a level, you get the 3 stars. Its success may surprise, but its simplicity makes it perfect for the little ones of the house. What's more, this is their main target audience, as parents are not afraid to leave the cell phone with children in a game that has no available purchases. So, every few stages we will find the usual propaganda. Commercials that we will also see if we need some clue so we can move on in phases that are more difficult.

Love Balls is an ideal game for mobile devices thanks to its gameplay. It may be that they have not yet finished convincing everyone in the Android catalog, but their name is increasingly in the mouth of the people. We do not know if this territory will top the charts, but we think of it as the typical time game: it will probably disappear from our minds after a few months. Luckily nothing is absolute in life and it may be that this simple game remains crowned for a long time. Whether or not this happens, it is always good to find titles that override the usual ones in the middle.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer : Super Tapx Limited
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About ..

- Game suitable for children;
- It is free;
- Simple game, easy to understand;
- There is a lot of variety of levels;
- You can play anywhere;
- No internet needed
- Many ads in the middle;
- When it becomes a professional to play the levels turn out to be too easy;

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