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Updated 15.07.2020 is a social network, an application for the creation of videos and live broadcasts. Through the application, users can create videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute and choose sound tracks to accompany them, use different speed options and add filters and preset effects. In June 2016, had over 90 million registered users, up from 10 million a year earlier. By the end of May 2017, the app reached over 200 million users
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Sponsored Link was a social media service headquartered in Shanghai with an office in Santa Monica, California, on which platform users create and share short videos. The first prototype was released in April 2014, and the official version was launched in August of that year.

Through the app, users could create 15-second to 1 minute lip-syncing music videos and choose sound tracks to accompany them, use different speed options (time-lapse, fast, normal, slow motion, and epic) and add pre-set filters and effects. The app also allowed users to browse popular "musers", content, trending songs, sounds and hashtags, and uniquely interact with their fans.

In June 2016, had over 90 million registered users, up from 10 million a year earlier. By the end of May 2017, the app reached over 200 million users.

Having owned the app TikTok, ByteDance bought, Inc on November 9, 2017, and combined the two apps, and TikTok, into a single app named after TikTok on August 2, 2018. users could record 15-second to 1-minute videos in one or multiple shots, lip-syncing to sounds or comedy. The platform also enables editing, through 14 pre-set filters and effects that allow to change the speed or reverse the motion of the recording. Additionally, also has a feature to create shorter videos, named "live moments", which are essentially GIFs with music. 

Users on this platform could "remuse" (reuse) sounds created by other users, which instills a new level of engagement with the content. Other ways in which users could interact with each other is through features such as "Ask a Question" and "Duet". On this regard, had an option called "Best Fan Forever", through which users can select certain followers who can participate in duets with them.

Users could also send private messages to their friends using the feature.'s structure allowed the viral dissemination of trends throughout the platform. The hashtags that were popular on this social network usually make reference to bits of pop culture and trends among the internet world. Because of its massive usage, a lot of events launched within the app could become viral global events, especially among teenagers. One of the most notable campaigns launched by was the "Don't Judge Challenge", which became widespread on the platform, as millions of teenagers around the world participated.

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- There are many options available for dubbing
- The filter library in is really great
- There are two sections in the application when watching videos
- There are many options to keep a user's privacy intact
- There was an option to mute the background sound after opening
- There is not an option to record the videos through and share them on other platforms without publishing them
- The time limit of a single video is low

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