Resident Evil 2 Review

Updated 15.07.2020

Resident Evil 2 is a Japanese video game belonging to the survival horror genre
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Unlike the original video game, the new version of Resident Evil 2 does not present a gameplay with a view of static backgrounds with three-dimensional models, being that the new game is carried out in a third person perspective with the camera on the shoulder very similar to the camera of Resident Evil 4;

the places of the original video game have also been redesigned, partially altering several zones and adding new places, conserving the system of saving through typewriters, using a similar but more detailed map system . The system of healing by herbs and the original state of health is also maintained, the system of administration of resources in trunks is maintained as well as the majority of objects and resources, adjusted in an inventory system identical to that already seen in Resident Evil 7

The new video game uses the game engine of Capcom, the Re Engine (Motor Re) originally used in the video game Resident Evil 7, in addition to this the fighting mechanics were altered to include more elements of melee combat, the behavior of the enemies has been updated, the zombies being able to open doors and pass between different unsafe areas. In addition, with the new game engine, the damage of the enemies becomes cumulative and progressive, being visually affected by the different shots and shots of the player.

The other mechanics of the game remain visually similar to the survival horror style of Resident Evil 7, with dark environments, and the soundtrack aimed at terrifying elements.6 Classic elements of the saga are also maintained, such as the resolution of puzzles, the shortage of ammunition and the optional confrontations, in addition to this new elements of gameplay have been added, like the possibility of blocking accesses like windows so that the player protects of the enemies and the most active dynamic use.

A new unofficial version of the video game Resident Evil 2 was being developed by the independent development team Invader Games, since the beginning of 2015, in order to be a free distribution title among fans of the original video game, the name of this remake is not official was Resident Evil 2 Reborn, later in August of the same year and after announcing Capcom a new official version, the Resident Evil 2 Reborn delivery was canceled at the request of the Capcom company, partially including the Invader Games team in the creative development of the new version

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Price: Free
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Developer : Capcom
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He brilliantly reinvents himself as he turns to the roots of the series.
The most terrifying series has been from Nemesis.
It is not necessary to know the history of previous games.
It is possible that some players do not like the first perspective or that they reject it completely due to the previous attempts of the series.
Southern hospitality is not for everyone.
The second half of the game loses track of what it was doing previously.
The ending will confuse the veterans of the series.

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