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Updated 15.07.2020

Japanese Food has hundreds of restaurants to choose from. When you open the application, you can browse the feed to find inspiration or find a particular restaurant or kitchen. When you find something you like, tap to add it to the cart
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Japanese Food is the expression of culinary art developed in Japan. One of the main ingredients is rice, but pasta, fish and vegetables are also popular, usually seasoned with various local spices. Meat is often absent from traditional cuisine, but it is present in some foreign dishes such as tonkatsu. The most popular dishes are sushi, sashimi, but also ramen, udon and soba, as well as tofu and natto. Drinks include sake and green tea and there is a good variety of desserts. There is no concept of a first plate, a second plate, a plate, fruits and, in general, all food is brought to the table at the same time and eaten without a defined order. It is known to be one of the most balanced and healthy cuisines in the world, an important part of Japanese longevity: the extensive use of fresh fish, vegetables, roots and green tea also makes it ideal for fighting various forms of cancer. 2013 is inserted between the oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Anmitsu is a Japanese dessert made up of small cubes of translucent white jelly called agar, obtained from red algae. They are mixed with water or fruit juice and served in a bowl along with a sweet azuki bean jelly called anko (from which anmitsu "an" is derived), boiled peas and mixed fruits. The sweet black syrup called mitsu (which completes the name anmitsu) is poured over the jelly at the end.

Chawan mushi is a cream made with eggs and dashi broth. In Japanese restaurants, as soon as you sit down, water is served, sometimes directly from a jar. This water, called ohiya, is free. Some tourists are surprised, especially when cold water is served in winter. However, if you're lucky, you can get tea instead of ice water. In Japanese restaurants, Oshibori is provided free of charge. Oshibori is a wet towel that is used to clean the hands and mouth before and after a meal. It can be supplied cold or hot, depending on the season. According to tradition, soy sauce has been made with three simple ingredients: soy, salt and water, fermented for months with special molds. Today, soy sauce is usually produced in a few days with hydrolyzed soy. But should it be combined with sushi? Yes, as long as it is not placed next to the rice, but next to the fish, to avoid stifling the taste of the latter.If you want to try the best that Japan has to offer, you don't have to book a table in an expensive restaurant; You can enjoy Japanese cuisine at home through the application! It is very well organized and the recipes are very tasty


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- Fish, being raw, maintains omega 3, which has advantageous properties, such as slowing aging and preventing various diseases

-The amount of calories is quite small compared to Mediterranean cuisine

-Sushi is usually served with soy sauce or wasabi, which speeds up digestion
-The basic food for sushi is rice, but it is treated with a lot of sugar, therefore, it is strongly recommended against people with diabetes

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