How to Delete Applications on Android:

1. Go to the settings menu, then choose Apps or Applications Manager;

2. Slide the DOWNLOAD tab and choose the application you want to delete;

3. Press the UNINSTALL button, and click OK to confirm. The application will be deleted and the icon will disappear from the start screen and from the applications menu.

How to Delete Applications on iOS:

1. To delete an iPhone or iOS application, go to the home screen;

2. Find the application you want to delete and press and hold the icon for a few seconds;

3. The application icon will move and you will see an X icon in the upper left corner;

4. Press the X icon and a sale will open asking for your confirmation. Choose Delete or uninstall the application on your iOS devices.

How to Delete Applications in Windows Phone:

1. Go to the list of applications and find the application you want to delete;

2. Press and hold the application until a contextual menu with its respective options is displayed;

3. Press the uninstall button and a window will appear asking for your confirmation;

4. Press "yes" if you wish to confirm, or "no" if you wish to cancel the uninstallation. If you wish to delete a Game application, go to the Games list and repeat this same process.