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Surfing the internet is something we all do. Whether on computers, tablets or mobile phones, the experience we have when diving online is very important for everyone in our lives. News websites, shopping portals, social networks, corporate pages, and more, the variety of content we visit is wide and the faster and more secure the connections, the more effective the time we spend online will be.

There are several factors that make browsing and website experience fast and agile. It is not only the speed of our connections or the technical characteristics of the devices, but also the configuration we have in the browser will help performance.
Ads are one of the constants on all websites. They are fundamental elements for the economic maintenance of each of the portals. There are all kinds of commercial notices and sometimes they may not interest us and are annoying. To avoid these types of problems and to be able to navigate quickly on mobile phones and computers, we are going to describe everything you need to know about Adblock Plus, one of the most used and best valued extensions by specialized critics and users.

You can download Adblock Plus for free and get one of the most used programs on the net. With this software you can control everything that happens in terms of online advertising during your browsing hours. It can be used on computers, in all browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or more) or installed on tablets or mobiles that have Android or iOS.
Using AdBlock Plus is very easy. This is one of the advantages that makes it such a widely used product by users. Just install it and it will start working and will appear with a small sign in the top bar of your browser. Among the content that you can decide to block or not are the video ads that consume the most time, battery and data when played.

Also, if you enter a portal where you do want to see advertisements, you can do so by simply allowing the advertisements to be played on that site. You have the chance to activate it once or leave it permanently configured.
The code in which AdBlock Plus is programmed is open. This means that users can constantly make improvements to the application. Generally, this quality collaborates in generating a horizontal, collaborative product with the priority of helping people before looking for a business model.
All your data, devices and sensitive information will be protected thanks to this program. You can prevent the introduction of "malware", the installation of tracking programs and more. Don't let companies track your online activity.
In addition, one of the best options that this popular program has configured is to allow secure ads. This means that they have healthy content, they do not intend to compromise your security and they also help quality websites to keep running in the best way. All portals need advertising to stay up and running.

The program developed by eyeo gmbH is free to download and accepts donations to help with its improvements and maintenance. It will give you as a user the possibility to control everything you see or not during your browsing. It is always important to emphasize that beyond using programs of this type, you have to be conscientious when using the internet. Always be alert to what is shown, proposed or advertised in a commercial way. Although an app like AdBlock Plus is very useful, a large part of having a secure experience is in our hands.

Make smart settings, pay attention to which site you enter and enjoy the best experience when browsing the internet. Discover one of the best applications in terms of security and performance to have the best connections. Install AdBlock Plus and discover a free product that all users work on collaboratively.
Stay safe, browse fast, and avoid annoying ads with AdBlock Plus.

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Adblock Plus

Get last review 29.09.2022
- Free download

- Open source

- Receive donations

- Easy to use
- Sometimes it blocks ads that we want to see

- It does not detect some ads

- It may lose connection

- It is deactivated without notice

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