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Multiplayer games are the most fun and that is why it is not surprising that they are the most popular among users of mobile games and applications. If you add a real party to that, you will have the perfect cocktail. And this is what Gang Beasts offers us, a crazy game in which we can challenge our friends in these crazy games.

Launched in 2014, it introduces us to a collection of jelly characters in which you will have to fight for your survival while trying to attack your rivals to finish them off and achieve victory. One of the advantages of Gang Beasts is that all these battles take place in a wide variety of settings, which increases the fun even more because each of the locations has its own characteristics that you will have to take into account so that it does not play against you.

One of the most striking details of this title is its colorful and creative approach. Developed by Boneloaf, this peculiar fighting game is available for the main platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox One or computer. The main claim of Gang Beasts is in its sticky protagonists, who add a novel element to the fights. This is that you will have to add the difficulty of getting a hit on the opponent without stopping to move. With very simple graphics, its funny characters can be dressed in different ways to give it a more personal touch. There is a good collection of costumes that you can use and surprise the rest of the participants.

It does not even have a solo game mode, so from the first moment you realize that to enjoy the Gang Beasts game you will have to be accompanied, and we already warn that laughter and fun are guaranteed. You can play with friends close to you or in online games that you have created when you enter.

There are several game modes, although the main objective you have to achieve is the same in all of them, to be the last character alive on the board. To do this, you can use all your resources: kicks, punches, shoves and everything you can think of in order to get them out of the combat arena. But you have to be fast, because the rest of the participants in this battle are also going to try to knock you out and eliminate you from the game.

You can also play Gang Beasts in teams or in some of the mini-games that it includes, such as a football game or a very interesting one in which you will have to survive the attack of a rival army controlled by the machine and in which you will have to decide whether to fight in team up with your friends or screw up their games.

Never claim victory too early or give a game for loss, the protagonists recover relatively quickly from blows and comebacks are the order of the day, so you will have to be very attentive and keep fighting until the end. The controls with which to handle your doll are very easy and with the combination of them you can get special blows that manage to do more damage, in addition, it also includes others with which you can defend yourself from rival attacks. Each of the Gang Beasts games are unpredictable, they can last seconds or be real fierce wars that go on for a long time. The scenarios play in favor of the confrontations, being small they help the action to be concentrated in the same place and be more frenetic.

The design of these locations is very dynamic, presenting up to 8 different arenas, and with a series of destructible elements that you can use as a weapon to hit your rivals. There are from simple battlefields to complex fights on the move on vehicles or platforms. The natural movements of the fighters may seem strange and chaotic, but therein lies another of their graces. Being gelatinous beings, their movements are very clumsy, you will have to learn to move with them and control them. Once you do, you will see that this way of wiggling is part of the fun and that you can even use it to your advantage in warfare.

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Gang Beasts

Get last review 29.09.2022
- Many costumes available to customize the characters.

- Very funny design.

- Very varied locations.

- In its online mode there are always games available.
- If you play with strangers it can be boring.

- It can become repetitive.

- It is difficult to fight with the movements of the characters.

- There are games that end very quickly.

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