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Surfing the internet is not as easy a tare as it seems. Although we are very used to doing it, all the processes that happen behind this activity are complex. It is not the same to use one or the other program to visit sites, enter social networks or download files. Each browser we use has different features, advantages, benefits, pros and cons. There are even people who are more comfortable than others navigating with one or another program.

The battle to give people the best internet browser is a confrontation that has been going on for years between the most important technology firms in the market. We refer mainly to Microsoft and Google.
Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about one of the latest launches in the field of browsers for mobiles, tablets and computers. We refer to Microsoft Edge, nothing more and nothing less than the heir to Internet Explorer. The historic program of the firm created by Bill Gates.

Microsoft Edge was born in 2015 for Microsoft products and as the years went by it expanded to other terminals. In 2017 it came to Android and iOS and in 2019 to macOS. Today you can download Microsoft Edge for free on any device. The browser enters a terrain of complex, intense and difficult competition. It has among its peers excellent apps such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera. But Bill Gates' company has developed a number of benefits and perks for this program that make him a worthy contender.
By downloading Microsoft Edge you will get a fast, safe and functional browser. The program has been developed with the aim of being as productive and intuitive as possible. It is very fast and will try to provide you with what you are looking for as accurately as possible. In addition to having the functions of adding favorite sites and quick accesses, you can, for example, save item prices to compare them with each other. It also uses a wide variety of built-in tools to learn about your online behaviors, tastes, preferences, and the sites you visit. This will allow you to get the most accurate results every time you search for something. It also has a complete range of accessibility tools so that everyone can use and get the most out of the product.

Internet security is today one of the key points for both users and companies. Much work has been done to develop clear rules, settings, tools and provisions in this regard. For this reason, Microsoft Edge security is one of the most and best-developed aspects of the app.

Bill Gates' company has invested all the security technology available to make this browser one of the safest on the market. All settings are integrated into the program. You do not have to activate or deactivate anything, if you find yourself entering a site that is not considered safe, Edge will warn you. Its protection levels are so high that it can be used at the business level without any extra modification.
On the other hand, one of the most outstanding points is that in the configuration section, everything you have to know about your options to be sure is clear. Adjust your preferences to know what data you provide, to whom, how, when and why. For example, without having to change anything, you will be protected from those sites that track your activity automatically. You also have the alternative of browsing with the InPrivate option so as not to leave any type of trace.

When you install Microsoft Edge you will automatically have ad blockers like AdBlock plus. This will enable you to navigate in a simpler, faster way and without any hassle.
One of the most important technology companies could not be left out of the dispute over who delivers the best product to navigate online. In this way, Microsoft joins as a competitor to be considered through Microsoft Edge. The program has some of the key points for good navigation covered and well prepared. Whether in terms of interface, security or learning user behavior is really an option to consider.

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Microsoft Edge

Get last review 04.07.2022
- Good operation

- Security options

- Intelligence tools

- System to compare prices
- It does not provide many differences compared to others

- Interface that could be better

- It takes getting used to

- Failure in some places

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