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Enjoying free games is one of the great advantages that mobile phones give us today. There are different types of genres and styles of proposals for all types of users. There are installments for those who enjoy adventure, racing, RPG, sports and more. One of the types of games most chosen by people is playing with letters, words and language.
Language is something that is shared with a large number of people, communities, family and friends. The use of words, the richness of the dictionary is a lot of fun to explore. Today we are going to tell you all about one of the best free apps to play with your knowledge of words.

PeopleFun presents Wordscapes. A delivery that will not only give you hours of fun but also moments to train your mental agility. The game can be downloaded for free from the virtual stores of mobiles that have Android and iOS operating systems. The study that brings us this title has other hits in its catalog such as: Blockscapes, Blockscapes Sudoku, Word Stacks, Wordscapes Search and Wordscapes Shape.
When playing Wordscapes you will find a delivery that offers you a combination of different entertainment products that are dedicated to interacting with letters, words and language. You have elements of Scrabble, crosswords, anagrams and word search. All in one place.

In most of the levels you will have to use what you know about words and the dictionary of your language. Combine letters to fit lockers with different lengths.
In addition, among the advantages of Wordscapes you will find that not only its modes and game options are very fun, but also the environments that you can create while enjoying the PeopleFun installment. There are a wide variety of themes and layouts for you to relax your mind while you play. You have beautiful landscapes like a lake next to a mountain, a magnificent desert, a starry night, the orange of autumn leaves and much more.
The number of challenges and levels available is over 6,000. Imagine all the hours of fun you can have in this great installment that you can install free of charge on your mobile phone. If you opt for the free version, you will have advertisements, however you can make in-app purchases and remove them.
The app is one of the most downloaded and has a community of more than 10 million players. This is thanks to the variety of its levels, the difficulty they present and the challenge that it means for yourself as a player to try to score more and more points as you progress.

Wordscapes constantly receives updates that add more and more content. You can try to improve yourself or be better than your friends, family or other users. See who can get the most points and show the most knowledge about the use of words and their meanings. The PeopleFun game is available in several languages ​​such as English, German and French.
If you are looking for tips and tricks to play Wordscapes, we can recommend that whenever you encounter a stumbling block at some level, try to start using and looking for the vowels. With these letters you will find the easiest way to form words. Also, take advantage of the beautiful landscapes that the app has to offer. Relax your mind between mountains, seas and lakes.

We are facing a game that is highly recommended for all types of users. No matter what level you are, you will find fun in Wordscapes. Train your mind and spend hours and hours looking for that word you are missing or beating scores. Don't let a complex level defeat you. Enjoy the variety of images that you can see while you play. Accept the challenge in levels that will become increasingly complex. Enrich your personal vocabulary.
The PeopleFun proposition has one of the largest mobile gaming communities and has acquired it with a good product. Play Wordscapes and escape from routine and pressures by relaxing your mind between letters and landscapes. You will not get bored trying to overcome the levels that are presented to you.

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Get last review 29.09.2022
- Free download

- Various game modes

- Available themes

- Train the mind
- Not available in all languages

- Long advertisements

- Can be complex

- Some connection failures

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