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Life simulators are very popular in games and mobile applications. Millions of users around the world like to see how a virtual life is formed and how it evolves, giving them a job, a house and some values ​​that will help them advance through the different life stages and see how they overcome the different challenges that arise. present. Among all the options that there are, the BitLife game stands out. In this title you will have to decide to the last detail how to act at all times.

It is not easy to decide all the aspects of a life, besides that all these will influence the virtual person that will become tomorrow when he grows up. This is the approach you have to keep in mind when you start playing this simulator. Its main feature is that unlike others, you can take it wherever you want, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices and you can download BitLife for free.

The gameplay is very simple, like life itself you will start as a baby and little by little you will grow and advance through this existence while you face the different challenges that are presented to you depending on your age. You will get older, go to university, your first job, find a partner, get married, start a family ... or not, it all depends on you. You are the one who chooses the life that your character will have and the possibilities are endless.

The game mechanics that you will have to follow is very simple, a green button will appear on the screen, which is what makes time advance from year to year. In the early stages you will not have much to decide, it is the world that revolves around you and you just have to enjoy it. Some of the ones you will come across will be like going to the doctor because you are sick or admitting some mischief you have done. As the years go by, things will get complicated, with the arrival at school and high school, the true key point of a person's growth begins, in the same way that it will happen to your virtual protagonist.

With adolescence, playing BitLife gets interesting. It is at this point that the type of person you will be in maturity begins to mature and the decisions you make already count for the future. The main idea of ​​this simulator is that you face situations that could occur in real life, that is why you will find yourself at the juncture of whether to declare yourself to the girl you like or develop your talent with private lessons of your hobby Favourite. All the results that are obtained from these decisions are added to your personal statistics that will influence different aspects of your personality: happiness, health, intelligence and appearance.

From the game settings it can be configured so that you can do almost anything, from changing countries to undergoing an aesthetic operation and radically change your appearance, but you must always remember that these actions will influence your story, so it is It is important to think about what you are going to do and choose carefully. If you lead a life of excesses and carefree, it may eventually take a toll and you may not have a happy ending, or not as happy as if you had made other types of decisions.

One of the advantages of BitLife is that it is very realistic that in adulthood, for example when you finish your studies and have to find a job, you may be rejected from many or that you have to take one that does not pay well, which means that you will have to tighten your belt to be able to maintain yourself, or if you start to have a life of excess, that in the long run you have health problems and have a greater risk of dying.

It is true that life simulators have been around forever, but none combines all aspects of an existence so completely. With BitLife you will see that the options you have are endless and that all your actions have consequences, you choose the story of your protagonist playing to be their God.

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Get last review 29.09.2022
- You can decide the fate of the character.

- You can configure the essential basic aspects of the character.

- Present realistic situations.

- Offers many options to choose from.
- It's only in English.

- It takes a long time to load the game.

- Decisions are very subjective.

- Employment options are scarce.

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