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The possibilities that the internet, the network and the advances in technology in general have given us, at this point, are impossible to count. Both in terms of connectivity, as in messaging services, games and applications. The programs that give us entertainment, education, help in our routines, and more are many.
One of the fundamental companies in the development of free programs, systems and apps is Google. The company that was born simply as a search engine has chosen to occupy the role of, probably, the most prominent, influential and most important firm in the telecommunications market.

One of the great mysteries, interests and themes of human beings is knowing the world. And now thanks to Google Earth you can do it. With all the clarity, effectiveness and good functioning of the apps developed by the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the mid-90s.
You can download Google Earth for free from the virtual stores of the terminals that have Android and iOS operating systems. With this free app you will have the opportunity to travel around the world whenever and wherever you want. No matter where you are, you can take your mobile and visit the best cities, the most famous, important monuments or impressive landscapes no matter where they are located.

Using Google Earth will give you access to satellite images and to terrain and buildings in three dimensions. You have the option of zooming in at the point you want and taking 360 ° views when using Street View. Google Earth is the perfect complement to Google Maps, another of Google's successes.
The program has a variety of advantages and functions that make it even more attractive and not just a source of images. One of the options you have available is to draw on the map. You can add markers or add lines or any kind of shapes to highlight places that interest you.
Another option is the ability to add your own photos and videos to each site. This can be very useful if you are teaching a class or keeping a travel journal.
You can configure your entire visit in the way you like best. Each corner of the map can be observed from different perspectives or with the vision of Maps or Street View.

Once you have explored, discovered and marked each corner that is of interest to you, you can share it with other users to make the experience more enriching.
If you want the experience to be more entertaining you can use the Voyager option. You can follow elaborate paths and play by testing what you know about geographic territory. You have guided trails developed by BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and other major institutions.
In addition, the Google program for you to visit the most remote places on earth has a very fun option based on the classic game by Carmen Sandiego. The original title came out in the mid-1980s and from then on a series of video games, animated series, books, comics and much more were released. The protagonist of the story is Carmen herself, a thief of objects important to the story.
If you want to play Carmen Sandiego on Google Earth, you can do so and live the adventures titled The Theft of the Crown Jewels. You must follow the tracks of the famous thief throughout the world using the services of the popular application. Play and discover the world with this classic from the entertainment industry.

Google once again presents its users with an application that will help them in many ways. Not only because you can increase their knowledge of geography but also because you will have the opportunity to play, learn and relax with the most beautiful landscapes.
All the power of Google technology is applied in Google Earth. Its speed, precision, effectiveness and simplicity to be used. Travel without having to pay tickets, from the comfort of your home and at maximum speed with this program.
Take advantage of the options to modify the maps and apply them to share knowledge, moments or the most beautiful photos of your favorite places.

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Google Earth

Get last review 29.09.2022
- Free download

- Good image quality

- Fast service

- Games included
- It may run slow

- There are places that are not seen well or clearly

- Connection problems

- Could add more functions

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