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If there is a saga of car video games that with each new title has always managed to be the best seller, that is undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto. The first was launched in 1997 and today has 43 games available for different platforms, highlighting the most important and recently launching to conquer mobile territory.

Among all, the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas stands out, which was released in 2004 and has quickly been considered the best of the entire franchise developed by Rockstar North. With its entry into the mobile version, all fans of these cars can now enjoy it on their device with the freedom to always carry it with them and play whenever and wherever they want. Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for mobile phones, you find it available in the main virtual stores compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

The story begins when the protagonist, who has been retired in Liberty City for five years, has to return to his hometown to avenge the murder of his mother. The past always comes back, and it's something good old CJ should know. Your main mission is to discover who the murderer was and bring justice. With this return he will have to return to his origins and to a story that will make him travel all the roads of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, meeting people from that past that he wants to forget.

With this game we will feel the nostalgia of going back to the 90s, with all its original characters remastered and prepared for the occasion and with a better modeling of the vehicles. One of the advantages of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you will find in its controls, which have been fully adapted to mobile devices, so that you do not have any difficulty when navigating its streets.

As in the original, on the map of these cities you can do anything you can think of, you will have the missions that history marks you and also the total freedom to do whatever you want throughout the city, leading a normal virtual life . Complete all the tasks of the game and get all the collectibles that are hidden in the different locations, in this way you will be able to be the king of the streets of San Andreas. The most important thing is to always be well equipped, both with weapons and cars, so it is very important to know the best tips from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This will make your life much easier.

For your whole adventure to be a success, the first thing you will have to do is learn to control CJ. Only then will you be able to get the most out of all the abilities that your protagonist has. As you go through different tasks, you will see how your character increases his skills and you will be able to do riskier things that will make you earn more points. Dare to get the most out of it. But always with care. Your survival is essential, CJ can lose life if he is injured or by not eating. This is something that you will also have to take into account in this Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game. Take care of your level of health to be able to stay alive and continue with your revenge.

The way you are going to face your rivals is the classic of the saga, you can do it melee or using any of the weapons that you have found scattered throughout the city and that you are adding to your collection. Equipping yourself is also essential to successfully complete your mission, the streets of these dangerous cities are populated by your old friends and enemies and you cannot trust any of them, so always being prepared will be a great advantage. Another is to get money, this is essential to survive among the criminals of San Andreas and of course, get the best car in the whole city. You can handle any of the hundreds that there are, which include different types of vehicles such as trains, tanks or even airplanes. Always have your transport ready and ready to go into action, with the improvements that you can add in the workshops of this city of crime.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Get last review 29.09.2022
- The sets and characters are remastered.

- Three different maps.

- You have total freedom of movement.

- Good narrative.
- Not compatible with all devices.

- Takes a lot of space.

- Can't use many tricks.

- Maps fail.

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