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Live music streaming is one of the fields with the greatest competition in the field of free music applications. They are not only programs to meet new bands, songs or artists, but you can also discover very interesting podcasts on all kinds of topics. They can be current affairs, politics, literature, cinema, books or sports.
While Spotify seems to dominate the music and podcasting apps scene, the show has major competitors to watch out for. There are a good variety of similar tools with benefits for both listeners and the artists producing the content. One of the best is SoundCloud.

SoundCloud was born in 2008 and is one of the most important apps on the market for devices with Android operating systems. The main point that made the application achieve the success that it maintains to this day is its excellent ability to bring producers closer to consumers. That is, the artists or podcast creators with their listeners. People can generate contact without intermediaries and thus communicate directly both to receive messages of encouragement and opinions of the productions.
One of the advantages of SoundCloud is that the good connection between artists and listeners makes it one of the largest libraries of music and audio files on the market. According to their creators, they have more than 150 million tracks available. Also, most new artists, bands or podcasters decide to upload their products to SoundCloud first because of the amount of benefits and facilities that are given to them.

If you are looking to upload content to SoundCloud, you will find a friendly and intuitive platform that offers you the possibility of sharing your files very quickly. It does not matter in what format you do it and you will reach millions of people in a matter of second. The app allows you to join and connect with other artists similar to you which, together with a tag system, makes an audience that is interested in your content reach your show or song. Once your production is in the cloud, you can use the tools to analyze your statistics and read the comments they can leave you. You can even pause and write an opinion on a particular passage in the song.
For those looking to listen to music on SoundCloud, thousands of songs and podcasts from well-known and emerging artists will have at their disposal. The app is organized by genres and styles and within each one you will have endless options available. You will have the possibility to create playlists or follow one made by friends or artists. If you use the app from your mobile, you can manage it from the lock screen without entering it. In addition, depending on the subscription you use, you can listen to songs or programs without an active Wi-Fi connection or data packets.

There are three types of subscriptions. You can use SoundCloud for free and you will have access to all the material but with the presence of advertisements and without being able to download it to listen offline. Also, you can't choose the songs you want to listen to and the playback quality is normal.
If you are looking for the opportunity to play content offline and not have to listen to commercials, you have the option of SoundCloud Go. The cost is € 5.99 per month and you can get a 7-day free trial.
On the other hand, the most complete version of the music app is SoundCloud Go +. The value is € 9.99 per month and offers the ability to listen offline, play without ads, the highest quality audio and access to the full catalog without previews.
To register in SoundCloud you can create a new user or enter credentials from social networks such as Facebook, Google or Apple.

SoundCloud is a great option for everyone looking to discover new productions beyond songs, bands or hot shows. It is very useful for both listeners and producers of audio pieces. Its interface is very easy to use and will immediately connect you with listeners or artists that are of interest to you.

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- Free download

- Possibility to connect with new artists

- Wide catalog

- New features available
- You have to pay to listen without advertising

- Some problems to verify the accounts

- There are songs or shows that are not available in all regions

- Some tracks are stopped while playing
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