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The tattoo is the result of a deposit of insoluble colored pigments (or not) on the skin. These pigments form a pattern and remain permanently in the subcutaneous layer. Today, the most common technique introduces these pigments using special needles in the second layer of epithelial tissue (skin) in the dermis. But there are other techniques used, like sumi, that use bamboo instead of needles.

The tattoo first appeared among tribes and clans as a distinguishing factor of the group. This is estimated to have occurred at least 3,500 years ago. There was even a tattoo on a 7th century mummy of our time, and some say it is a symptom of modernity. Then, with social evolution and the tattoo itself became what it is today, that is, another expression of personality, a specific mark of the individual.

According to journalist João do Rio: "The first man, when losing his hair, discovered the tattoo".

Another way of tattooing was to mark the facts that marked the stages of life, including birth, puberty, reproduction and death. In modern times, the tattoo was first extended among sailors and decades later became common among prisoners. That's why tattoos have been marginalized for a long time.

The growth of tattoos on female skin is recent. Seen as normal today, it has been seen as strange to the point that tattooed women become circus attractions. But he was not always amused, there were still times when tattoos were used for terrible purposes, such as to mark Jewish prisoners, counted during World War II.

Female tattoo app: INKHUNTER

This application is the most well-known tattoo simulator used today, with the possibility to choose between the various designs available in the application or even to send your own image. The application makes the necessary 3D adjustments so that you can see your future tattoo from all angles. Best of all, it's completely free!

This application teaches how the tattoo would look on your skin in a very realistic way, so you can choose, without pain, the one that best suits what you are looking for and can boast of drawing.

Types of tattoos

3D Tattoos

It's ink "in your face". If you want body art that stands out and catches your eye, then this is it: although the skin can be flat / curved, today's artists can bring just about any image they have in mind. of paint to a whole new level.

Artistic tattoo

Do you lean more towards the creative / artistic side? Consider opting for an abstract tattoo style. While it is fun to watch abstract drawings, its best appeal can be found with its hidden meaning. Let's be honest: a human portrait with four eyes, geometric cubes, colored lines and two drops of paint, doesn't exactly send a message or a clear meaning like glass. However, this certainly happens for the design observer.
Whether you want a truly unique piece of ink or perhaps a design with hidden meaning, abstract tattoo styles are an excellent option.

Written tattoo

Types of tattoos that feature words with unique letter designs that allow them to be read the same way from different points of view.
While this style of tattoo used to be extremely popular years ago, today it has died more or less in favor of more modern styles. Obviously, this does not mean that the style has not evolved.
In fact, the types of written tattoos have become more ornate and elegant, with artists applying their own styles of scripts and letters.

Colorful skull tattoo

Do you have a colorless tattoo? Throw a bird, a skull or any other design you want with black ink and you just discovered the explosion instead of the style.
Let's be honest, the types of funny tattoos are forever, but your perception of the world is always changing.

If you have a piece of ink from the past, but want to hold onto it for meaning, the tattoo explosion is the perfect solution.

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-The application is really easy to use.

-Before getting ink for life, using the app, you can get an idea of what your tattoo will look like.

-Great way to use AR.

-Can be used for fun.
- The application does not allow you to use multiple tattoos.

- You cannot edit the content.

- The application cannot detect if you are allergic.

- Limited designs.
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Tatuajes Femeninos

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3000 Year Old Female Tattoos

3000 Year Old Female Tattoos


A great find was made around the history of female tattoos. A group from the University of St. Louis-Missouri in the United States found marks on the skin like tattoos on the remains of seven female mummies. The bodies are over 3000 years old and belong to the Egyptian civilization

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