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What is ABCya?

ABCya.com or ABcya! started in 2004 by Alan Tortolani. He was a teacher at a school that had no computer activity. So he decided to create his own, for his students. ABcya! is a leading company in online education games for children. More than 120 million children worldwide played more than a billion times last year. It is a trusted learning tool used by teachers and schoolchildren in more than 150 countries. Games are pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Topics include, math, reading, typing, logic games, just for fun games, and many more.

The activities are designed by teachers and parents, who know and understand that children will learn faster and better if they have fun at the same time. Games are grouped into levels that allow you to access games above and below your current grade level. You can play the whole game for free. And you can also start subscribing, so you have access to all the games in the ABCya Games app. You can also save your favorite games there.

What is ABcya!

ABCYa.com is like an extra teacher for your students. You can choose from many different types of fun games to play. They can do the group games so they can help each other. Students will not understand that they are learning something new, they are just thinking that it is a fun game. The teacher can select the appropriate "challenge" for your student to develop. And the games are designed by parents and teachers who better understand children. So the games suit everyone.

What do teachers think of the ABCya application?

Everyone thinks that ABCya is a good application for students. You can choose from many different types of games. Because children learn fast so you can choose different types of levels. At the same time you learn new things and have fun. Many teachers use the app to practice math. These are some games that students really like and find it a little difficult. There is a math game called "math fact shoot out" where you are going to throw basketball in the basket and answer the math questions.

Abcya is one of the best ways that kids can color, draw and paint on the web has been further improved. The new Abcya paint has a whole new look, a larger canvas, lots of new features, and is compatible with mobile devices.

The tools are now divided into three different toolbars: the art toolbar has classic tools like brushes, spray paint, and the eraser.

Looking to add a companion to your heart, the effects toolbar has fun tools like pattern brush, mirror brush, the stamps that are going to paint the neck now get bigger just by pressing the mouse or finger.

New on the list is the magic coloring brush that will always paint inside the lines or, if you want something more practical, the design toolbar has utilities such as text, shading and selecting open.

We've also added tons of new stickers and coloring pages. You can always edit your art with the undo and redo buttons and watch it print your art in the menu bar.

With the new AbcYa, the only limitation is your imagination!

The first thing we must do to be able to Download ABCya! Free is to go to the browser and enter the official website where we can see the structure of the page which shows us that it contains free computer activities for primary students to learn on the web and there are also activities for the education of all children , all games created by teachers from certified schools, serve as a tool for future teachers to have a greater strengthening in the child's learning in mathematics, Spanish or other derivatives of different subjects.

In the structure of the page it shows us how it is organized from what is Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade of primary. We also have a circle that says Parents and Teachers that if we click there we will go to see what the terms are, to see what the infant is seeing and he mentions that it is a website created by teachers that offers fun and educational applications such as games for children to use under the tutelage of parents or teachers.

We can select any grade depending on its complexity and the level the child has. Each grade has its own activities and games according to the instructions so that the child can be guided.

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- It is easy to find games.

- Students have fun while learning.

- The student has access to ABCya at home or at school.

- Generate connection between students.
- Lots of advertising if you don't sign up.

- ABcya! It is a very public site.

- Pop-ups may not be safe for children.

- You don't have a help chat.
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Latest NEWS

ABCya triggers the number of users before the crisis

ABCya triggers the number of users before the crisis


Children's learning is very important in all societies. The crisis that the world is going through in 2020 led many families to find themselves locked up with their children without going to school. One of the solutions for not stopping education was to appeal to educational platforms such as ABC, which increased their traffic significantly

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