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One of the characteristics of phenomena and successes is that many of them are unexpected. For more studies, analyzes or investigations that are carried out, sometimes a product can reach fame without much explanation. Even long after being present in the market. In these times, where technology allows any phenomenon to go viral with extreme ease, many games and applications have been fortunate to become popular phenomena. One of the titles that had this fortune in 2020 is Among Us, the Innersloth installment created in 2018 but which exploded in number of users two years later.

Downloading Among Us on Android or iOS is free. The delivery is free of charge for mobile phones and the presence of advertising is really low, which contributes one of the highest points of the game. It can be enjoyed without being abused by advertisements. If you want to play on a computer, it can be done through Steam and the price is € 3.99. In addition, the delivery allows integrated purchases mainly of cosmetic elements that do not alter the correct development of the games.
Playing Among Us has become one of the funniest experiences in the world of video games. We must know that we are facing a proposal that is essentially collective, the games have between 5 and 10 members. There is no option to play individually. The objective of the game varies according to what role we are assigned.

We are on a ship in space that must be repaired. If we are part of the crew we will be assigned a series of missions to fix the place, if we have the role of the impostor our mission will be to eliminate all the players. The murders must be carried out in a stealthy way since at the end of each round everyone debates who they think the impostor is. This talk takes place in a discussion forum where at the end of each conversation you must vote for who is believed to be the murderer.
One of the advantages of Among Us is that we are faced with a title that mixes different genres and that is why it makes it so entertaining. It has elements of RPG, platform and mystery. In addition, the experience is exponentially enhanced if you play with a group of friends.

The games are held on three different maps, each with its own particular characteristics. In other words, there are special rooms, with assigned functions and connections between them. The three available maps are The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus.
The Skeld is the most common map and the one you will play the most times. The rooms are well connected and it is easy to move within it. Mira HQ is a bit more complex because it is a bit smaller and moving between stages is a difficult task. Finally, Polus works as a mixture of the two previous scenarios, this being, perhaps, something broader and more open.
The visual section is one of the great surprises when using Among Us. Innersloth's proposal won the hearts of all players with a very straightforward, simple and 2d style. The finishes are simple but this makes the characters endearing and fun. We can also access extra aesthetic content such as hats or pets to decorate them.
The controls and the gameplay are one of the elements that have been questioned by some users. When the role of the impostor is occupied and another player must be chased to assassinate her, the movements can be a bit complex to carry out.

Although Among Us can be played for free only on mobile phones, it is possible to download the version for computers at no cost using an emulator. The same company behind the success said that it finds no problem with users carrying out the task if they want to.

Innersloth scores one of the great successes of 2020 with a very easy, simple and pleasant proposal that everyone can enjoy. The product does not require powerful computers or mobiles or anything like that. Learning the mechanics is really simple and it is an experience that when doing it with friends can provide many hours of fun.

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Among us

Get last review 29.09.2022
- Very fun to play with friends

- Each game is different

- Can be downloaded for free

- Simple and original
- For some players it can be repetitive

- You need a microphone for a better experience

- Not good if you do not play with friends

- Simple graphics, not very elaborate

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