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The vast majority of video games today have their highest points in the development of multiplayer modes. The confrontations between users are one of the most elaborate alternatives but most of them tend to repeat the mechanics. In 2017 Behavior Interactive together with Starbreeze Studios published Dead by Dalight and managed to introduce and make popular a way to play multiplayer online on consoles and computers.
Dead by Deadlight was first released for computers, a year later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in 2019 for Nintendo Switch and in 2020 the possibility of playing Dead by Deadlight on mobile arrived.

The delivery is a proposal of terror, horror and survival. But the novelty it introduced was what is known as asymmetric multiplayer. This type of entertainment consists of granting users in the same game, different advantages, missions and objectives. In other words, some will have more benefits than others. In the case of the Behavior Interactive game, what it presents is a scenario where four survivors must overcome the pursuit of a murderer. All characters handled by real players.

By downloading Dead by Deadlight we will face games with a mechanic that is repeated but that does not lose entertainment. In fact it is a game that will ensure hours and hours of fun. Users who play with humans will have to escape from the enemy trying to find weapons on stage, run and jump through different obstacles. The objective is to turn on five electric generators that open the two doors that allow the murderer to escape. Whoever plays with the murderer will have another type of challenge and that is to be able to knock down and hang the survivors three times each on hooks that are scattered on the map. Their bodies are offered to an evil entity known as "The Entity".

One of the advantages of Dead by Deadlight is that assassins present a varied catalog of skills and characteristics that we must unlock. This presents a great challenge as it invites one to want to get more and more improvements. In addition, it is possible to put yourself in the shoes of famous evil characters such as the Demogorgon from Stranger Thinds, the ghost of Scream or Michael Myers from the Haloween saga.
Each faction in the game has different strategies to achieve victory. As a survivor, you can try to move stealthily, use the Terror Radius to identify if the threat is near, save your companions, and use everything that is available on stage to avoid being killed. As an assassin, you will have to choose each advantage well before the games and consider who you are playing with since not all creatures are the same.

During the game we will get Bloodpoints. These game objects can be used in the Bloodweb. The option is the one that enables us to buy improvements and advantages.

Dead by Deadlight is intended to be a fair installment and therefore sets a ranking for both killers and survivors. Each game that we finish we receive a score that will establish where we are in the table, this allows a matchmaking process to be carried out before each game according to the level of each user.

Both the graphics of the game and the sound are chords, although it should be noted that they are not fully developed. The gameplay is good and it is played in the first person when the killer is played and in the third person if we are one of the survivors.

While the title did not initially have many maps and assassins to choose from, Behavior Interactive solved the problem with a series of downloadable content packs that gave more gameplay volume.
For fans of the delivery, it should be noted that they can continue the experience in the same format through the free Dead by Daylight app available for Android and iOS operating systems.
The Behavior Interactive game is a very good option for those who want to try different things outside of the best-known proposals that we usually see. The experience of playing the bloodiest and most evil celebrities in the world of cinema and series is very entertaining.

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Dead by Daylight

Get last review 20.04.2021
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- Original proposal.

- Accesible price.

- Many hours of entertainment guaranteed.

- Famous characters.
- It can become repetitive.

- It doesn't tell a good story.

- Regular graphics.

- The movements could be improved.

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