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Creating our own stories is something most of us are passionate about. We all like to unleash our imagination and invent stories, in which our heroes have to fight monsters, in incredible adventures, with different characters and princesses to rescue. Now you can tell all the stories with a mobile application that gives you the freedom to choose the ending yourself.

We are talking about the free game Episode. A mobile storytelling platform where stories created by its writing team or by the users who are part of this very active community are saved. It is not unusual that it has become a very popular title among young people, it already records more than 100,000 stories in its library with more than a thousand visits a day, where they find a place to decide the destination of their stories and find the freedom to express themselves.

The Episode reader can choose the literary genre they like the most, it has a great variety ranging from romantic to suspense, through horror or drama. All the elements of the narration can be personalized to feel more comfortable, such as the character of your avatar, which will give a very personal appearance, or change the story in the middle of the narration, changing it and getting a twist at the end that I had established. Download Episode for free, you find it available for Android and iOS.

With an interactive narration, the player chooses the fate of the characters as the story progresses, choosing an option among those that are shown to you. In this way there is no story the same as another, achieving unexpected endings. Although it is an application mainly intended for a young audience, the rating of this free application is 12+ and it is true that there are certain topics that are not suitable for children. That is why this type of content marked as inappropriate content that you can block so that the little ones do not see and can play Episode without risks.

Whether you are an avid reader or a new writer, you will find your place here. One of the advantages of Episode is that you will find other people with the same concerns and who are eager to read the new chapters of your virtual novel. To use it and read the stories it has, you do not need to create an account, but if you are going to actively participate by adding your own content, you will need to create a profile so as not to lose all your progress or you want to use it on different devices.

The first time you enter, you will find a main screen that will show you the most outstanding stories of the week, so you don't miss any chapter of your favorite story. It is a very active community, so it is not surprising that you find new stories daily. In order to read the one you choose you will have to use one of the passes you have. Every time you start, Episode gives you 4 passes and when you run out of these you will have to wait 3 hours for them to give you another four and continue reading.

With the original stories that you find in Episode you will have the opportunity to make important choices that will change the course of the events that are related, making you go from being a reader to a writer. You can achieve this with the diamonds that you will get as you read and participate more and more.

Create your own list of favorites, in this way you will have all your stories in order and you will find them easily every time you enter this free app. Although it is only in English, there are many stories written in other languages, such as Spanish, so you will have no problem finding a wide variety in your own language. Become a famous writer and share your stories with this great community, for free you will contribute to this immense library and you will be closer to your dream of being a true novelist.

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Get last review 29.09.2022
- Large collection of stories.

- Good graphics.

- It's easy to get new passes.

- You can decide the end of the stories.
- There is a lot of inappropriate content for minors.

- It's only in English.

- Most are romantic themed.

- Long waiting time to get new passes.

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