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Nintendo has turned Mario games into the King of the Party Games of Joy Con games. Very few titles can say this and in the case of Mario Party, after countless titles it has become one of the most downloaded. But the true merit of the most famous plumber in the world is to be able to entertain players of all generations and unite them in the same console, the Nintendo Switch, from which he manages to get the most potential.

The formula that Mario uses is the same as in all the previous ones, the more than well-known main mode in which up to four participants face numerous challenges in the form of mini-games in which competitiveness, fun and even annoy the rest are encouraged of players to win.

The first Mario appeared in 1998 and since then he has always been present in our lives. This version already made it clear which would be the way forward for the saga, quickly becoming the flagship of Nintendo. In 2012 the developer of the game was acquired by Konami, which meant a revitalization of this plumber and never losing steam.

The story he tells us is also well known, the terrible bad guys from Browser, Brows and company have done their thing and it will have to be Mario and company who save the world again. But this time these villains are also playable characters and will continue to do evil with a tricked dice. We will have two alternatives, one in which we will use normal ones with six faces and another in which there will be custom ones whose results will depend on the character you are playing with, making you have more control over the rolls, the use of one or the other will be decided at the start of the game and it will depend on how fast you want to move around the board. Throughout the game you will also have to take into account the power ups that are added during the game, which will make the games have even more emotion, especially at the end of each one, since any of these can make it change completely the end in infinite boards that will evolve as we progress through it.

Its classic mode is still one of the best, allowing you to explore the board at the player's whim, without having to do it in a group, so the rivalries are more notable. It is very important to be clear about the path that we are going to choose, this will determine the course of the game and can influence your final result.

It also brings back individual turns in the main mode, forgetting shared turns, something that players have been asking for for a long time. Of course, the idea of ​​sharing these launches in its Mario Party mode to doubles is maintained, where teams will be formed with the fundamental objective of trolling the rest, so the spins are added and the tasks can be distributed, one collects the coins and another hinder rivals and make them not advance, playing alone is fun, but playing Mario with friends is much more, turning each of its screens into an entertainment madness.

Among the boards that we will find are, for example, the megafrutal paradise, where we will have four islands connected by pipes, and La Mina del Rey Bomb-Omb, with different paths that are selected randomly with different advantages between them. Little by little you will discover new boards that will make you discover new worlds.

Mario Party manages to get the most out of the game and the console, managing to improve in each of its new versions. In the double game version it is very important to be well understood, since the way of using the controls is very different and will make the coordination between the team members very important.

This game takes us back to the golden age of this saga, in which your objective will continue to be to collect the greatest number of stars on a kind of goose board, with a frenetic pace in more than 80 minigames and the most fun, discover how you will have to collect them in each of them.

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Desarrollador : NDcube
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- Added more game modes.

- New unreleased games.

- It is very well prepared to play with 4 and it is more fun than 1

- Graphics are good.
- Cannot play in handheld mode.

- The previous nintendo pro controller does not work, it is not possible to adapt it.

- The music of the game comes from the 4th and 6th versions of Mario being little original.

- There are translation problems, something that did not happen in Nintendo versions for a long time.
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Mario Party

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